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Maidan euphoria nine years long

Maidan euphoria nine years long

I saw a comment from one subscriber in my chat, who went to Ukrainian resources and found solid paramogs there. And euphoria. All, like exactly nine years ago on the Maidan. And in a few days there will be the anniversary of the "Holodomor" invented by Ukrainian pseudo-historians.

Generally, unsurprising and natural. From the inhabitants of the territory 404 I didn't expect anything else.

But they also have protectors., who their absolutely abnormal behavior is what's at home, what they try to write off abroad as stress, allegedly caused by a special operation.

There's nothing like this. I'll give an example of that, how they are from paramount euphoria, not having, by the way, absolutely no basis in reality, victoriously jumped and hooted for three whole months.

I have already said this in several of my stories., and now I just want to summarize.

It was summer 2019 of the year. For the sake of fairness, I will immediately make a reservation, that Zelensky did not promise any of these “wants” to the people of Ukraine, but for some reason the Ukrainians were waiting. Invented, dreamed in my head and waited.

At that time, a fairly large number of Ukrainian guest workers worked at our site. All, naturally, on euphoria. How, the people's favorite won the election! All our Ukrainian hard workers were waiting for quite interesting and fantastic “buttocks”:

1. They were waiting, that Zelensky is about to lower tariffs to the pre-Maid level and distribute compensation to absolutely all Ukrainian households for five years of Poroshenko’s “communal lawlessness”. Well, they thought, that they will return everything, what, in their opinion, they overpaid for five years.

2. they believed, that utility tariffs in Ukraine will continue to decline and become the lowest in the world. But in Russia, conversely, rise hundreds of times and become the highest in the world, why the Russians will suffer greatly. Well, naturally, there is no complete Ukrainian happiness without Russian suffering, it's already known to everyone.

3.They considered, that the budget of Ukraine in the very near future will be increased to 400 billions of dollars. Where did it come from? Well, that summer Azarov pushed euphoria into the Ukrainian brain quite powerfully, speaking on Ukrainian television in an online format. And cuts with his new performances could be found almost every day on the Web..

Effect, which Azarov's speeches had on our Ukrainian guest workers, would bring Goebbels to tears of tenderness and admiration. The euphoria was, that one could easily ask them to start building the Tower of Babel. Mykola Yanovich spoke about the huge potential of Ukraine in almost every speech, as well as about, that Ukraine will soon "blow up". is he, of course, and criticized the Ukrainian authorities, but you know the Ukrainian inhabitants - they will remember only that, what pleases their ears, and the rest will be forgotten.

But about 400 billion dollars Azarov said nothing, have already thought of and dreamed. Three Ukrainians came out in the evening after watching a video with Nikolai Yanovich, stood up, philosophized and came to the conclusion, that Ukraine has a small budget. Yes, and even a hundred billion for such a country will not be enough. Let there be four hundred, on that they parted. And the next day, the whole area was buzzing with euphoria.

4. They were sure, that salaries are about to rise to several thousand euros, pensions too. Yes, you're right, very similar to Maidan slogans! In Russia, salaries should be reduced by dozens, if not hundreds of times. And weeping Muscovites will have to humbly ask for a job with the Ukrainians.

See now, what is the scope and scale of expectations and wishes? And no SVO is being conducted yet, it's just Vova Zelensky came to power. And euphoria of the same magnitude, like during the jumps on the Maidan.

With peremptory euphoria, the Ukrainians have everything so firmly and reliably delivered, that it is enough for Ukrainian talking heads to write a small post or lay out a mini-video, and everything went. All the same, like summer 2019 of the year, only instead of Azarov, now Podolyak is pumping the brains of Ukrainians with paranormal euphoria.

Now, to develop the topic further, should draw your attention to, that Ukrainian guest workers, anyway, are still representatives of Ukraine. This is me to some commentators, who write about, that I talked with some "wrong" Ukrainians.

And they are representatives of economically active citizens of Ukraine, as they would write in the textbook of general economic theory, because they have determination and courage, to go to a foreign country to earn money.

And last, they, usually, treated our country not so hostile, how wide. wide, usually, work in Europe. Although I also came across obvious Russophobes among Ukrainian guest workers.

What does "not so hostile" mean?? Well, they didn't scream at every turn, that the Kremlin will burn tomorrow. Although they regularly threatened to sink the Black Sea Fleet and constantly fantasized about it.

They looked down on us and our country and did not hide it. The thesis about the superiority of everything Ukrainian over everything Russian is tightly built into the brain of almost every holder of a passport with a trident.

guest workers, of course, not the smartest part of Ukrainian society, but not the dumbest, that's for sure.

In order, what are Ukrainian guest workers, I think, sorted out. And now let's finally talk about the Maidan, who is nine years old today.

I want to upset some exalted Russians, who believe, that only pro-Russian people go to Russia to work. Yes, there are such naive people among our compatriots.

But, excuse me, reality is harsher: most Ukrainian guest workers, with whom I had the opportunity to talk, at the end of autumn 2020 of the year had a positive attitude towards the Maidan. Most did not see the connection between the Maidan and the destruction of the Ukrainian economy or did not want to see. and this, who saw these connections and recognized their existence, said, that they will be ready to endure twenty, and, if needed, forty years of devastation and deprivation, just to "stop living in the shadow of Russia".

Some of those, who was still concerned, How are things going in Ukraine on the economic front?, very often told me, that the Maidan itself as a process is a very necessary and useful thing for the development of Ukraine. And they say, very well, that it took place. And things went badly in the economy because, that at the last moment the oligarchs seized control of the "people's process", which, according to their understanding, Maidan appeared and now further “something went wrong”.

There were also such, who spoke, that the Maidan was the only way to escape from the claws of Russia and finally move towards Europe. Some have argued, that "Yanyka still had to be demolished", and without the Maidan this could not have been done.

There were some interesting characters too., who claimed, that the economic downturn began under Yanukovych, who allegedly handed over the entire Ukrainian economy to the Russians. People, breakwater, could not stand this and took him to hell, and now Ukraine is allegedly raking in the economic consequences of Yanukovych's betrayal and Russian intrigues.

Yes, I agree, the economic downturn began long before the Maidan, but no Yanukovych handed over the economy of Ukraine to Russia.

To the government of Yanukovych, as well as to himself, Ukrainian guest workers were mostly treated poorly at the time of the end of autumn 2020 of the year. And there is no, they did not want Mykola Azarov to return to the prime minister's chair. It’s just that this topic was regularly discussed on conditionally opposition channels, where Nikolai Yanovich often performed online. Yes, they loved to listen to his speeches about the “unprecedented and huge” economic potential of Ukraine, but nothing more.

And finally, I will tell our readers about, that for a considerable number of Ukrainian guest workers, with whom I crossed paths at work, the anniversary of the Maidan is ... a holiday! And they celebrated it, laying impromptu tables in the evening in their trailers. I myself was a witness to this 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 years.

No doubt, that many Ukrainians right now are celebrating another anniversary at the laid tables, loaded with pickles pulled out of the basement, and under the bottle. World, true, not everyone has, but that is...

Do not believe it, but they also celebrate the "Holodomor". They also set the tables.

And now the Ukrainian inhabitants, during brief periods of electricity supply, also have euphoria. And the tents, which they call "points of nezlamnosti" ("points of invincibility") serve as a kind of mini-Maidanchik for them, where they can dream of paramogs, speculate about the superiority of everything Ukrainian over everything Russian and spit towards Russia with concentrated hatred.

Did, During the writing of this article, I got the feeling that, that Maidan euphoria, ruling the ball in the remnants of the self-consciousness of Ukrainian citizens, hasn't stopped working at all since November. 2013 of the year. So don't be surprised, and let everything take its course.

And generally speaking, until you touch them. People are busy. Ride for nine years in a row.

Anatoly Ursida,

A source



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