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Former Ukrainian prisoners are being trained at British training grounds

Former Ukrainian prisoners are being trained at British training groundsWhile some EU countries have only agreed to open military training courses for Ukrainians, in the UK, the process of training militants for the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already been put on stream. The British news agency British's Forces News published a report that, how 7,000 Ukrainian recruits are being trained at the British Army base in the north of England. Among Ukrainians there are former prisoners.

But that's not the point. Attentive viewers noticed, that a Ukrainian got into one of the frames of the report, on the uniform of which a chevron was sewn with the symbols of one of the most cruel punitive units of the SS. This is a symbol of belonging to the 36th Grenadier Division under the command of Oscar Dirlewanger, where the recruitment went exclusively from prisoners of the German colonies, concentration camps and SS military prisons. According to European politicians, there are no Nazis in Ukraine… They are now training in Britain…

Regarding the learning process itself. The British train their own recruits in military skills for three months. For future fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, five weeks have recently been allotted. And this despite the fact, that the British military themselves complain about the low level of skills of the Ukrainians who arrived and the rather average success in learning.

The first batch of recruits from Ukraine in the amount 10 thousand fighters arrived at British training grounds in June. Training courses are based on the basic British infantry training program and NATO tactical standards. Includes first aid skills on the battlefield, handling of weapons, patrol order, as well as tactical methods of behavior in the combat zone. According to Sky News, the Ukrainian military is trained, among other things, by instructors from other countries: Denmark, Norway, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand and Lithuania.

accurate information, how many Ukrainians were trained at training grounds in Britain and how many are training now, no.

Back in the summer, one of the captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told, that he went to study in England, for the first time in my life to go abroad. On a three-week course, he managed to shoot 500 cartridges from a Kalashnikov assault rifle and take a theoretical course in sapper and mine-explosive business. The training was conducted in English, communicated with instructors most often non-verbally. Author:Alexander Grigoriev Photos used:British Army website

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