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Kombrig DNR: We have a sergeant – this is nothing more than a fighter with stripes

Kombrig DNR: We have a sergeant - this is nothing more than a fighter with stripesOne of the main problems of the Russian army, who got naked, including, and during a special military operation, is a frequent discrepancy between position and personality, regardless of military merit and professionalism. In many ways, the policy of the military authorities at the highest level also contributes to the consolidation of this situation.. The burning topic was raised in his Telegram channel by the commander of the Vostok brigade Alexander Khodakovsky.

As Khodakovsky writes, the defining qualities of a commander are responsibility and authority. If the commander wants to really manage his unit, he must be respected by his subordinates. If this authority is not, informal leaders appear in collectives and quickly acquire parallel power. And this is already very dangerous for the viability of the unit..

Based on my experience, Khodakovsky writes, that it is worth highlighting informal leaders in the military collective and appointing them as commanders. Experience and knowledge will come with time, here are the leadership qualities, ability to command and care, to be responsible for subordinates and to subordinates - these are the characteristics of the personality, which even the best military school cannot instill.

We have so many problems on the ground not only because, that the generals are rebuilding for a long time or the mobilized are cowardly, but also because of the weak role of the lower and middle command. Our sergeant – this is a fighter with stripes- brigade commander Khodakovsky writes.

He compares the situation in the Russian army with the US armed forces.. In the American army, and we all know this even from the movies, a sergeant is a real commander and mentor for a soldier. In the Russian armed forces, Unfortunately, even junior officers are not perceived this way. But the army thinking system itself is to blame for this situation., which the higher command has been building for decades.

In the understanding of high-ranking generals, not, that a sergeant or a lieutenant, battalion commander – «pawn», which can always be replaced and whose opinion can be generally ignored and even ignored.

It is difficult to disagree with Khodakovsky in this statement., but the reason for this is the specific mentality of so many Russians, not warlords, and military officials, rather. General from Moscow, in which the major carries a briefcase with documents, does not perceive the same major as a figure, to be listened to, even if this major does not have a briefcase under his command, a few hundred professional soldiers.

Hence the numerous miscalculations, which become apparent very quickly, in our information age. What is it worth, for example, one story with mobilized, scolding a senior officer? Yes, may be, mobilized and shines for this the real term of imprisonment, but a commander without proper leadership skills will continue to fall into such situations. Author:Ilya Polonsky

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