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American edition: bomber B-21 Raider opens a new era of air warfare

American edition: bomber B-21 Raider opens a new era of air warfareThe United States Air Force has been assigned to 2 December presentation of the new strategic bomber B-21 Raider. As emphasized by the American edition, the creation of this bomber aircraft is a "success story" and the US aircraft industry, and American administration. After all, the program for the construction of the aircraft was completed on time, the manufacturer kept within the allocated budget.

The new aircraft represents a step forward in the evolution of strategic bombers. The publication calls it a bomber for a new era of air warfare. So, real progress is seen in avionics, electronic systems, stealth functions, arming. They will allow the bomber to operate even in the conditions of intensive work of enemy air defense systems..

A separate and very interesting issue is the timely creation of an aircraft. Backlog and the inability to put all the costs in the allocated funds have long been a hallmark of the American defense industry.. However, in the case of the B-21, everything turned out differently.. The program was launched in 2015 year, and later 7 years, Northrop Grumman produced the first aircraft. The publication calls this program the fastest and most successful in the history of the modern American military aircraft industry..

But, of course, the main question is, will the new aircraft meet the needs of the Air Force for bombers in the new era of air warfare. The US press considers, what – Yes.

Raider enters US Air Force service at the time, when all the main forces, participating in the air war, as offensive, as well as defensive, are in transition. The most obvious changes, affecting the aviation industry, are rapid developments in air defense- writes author and expert Daniel Gur.

The future of air warfare, according to analyst, depends on the interaction of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. Also important will be the integration of sensors for the rapid transmission of information.. An aircraft like the B-21 will be able to respond to the environment in an unprecedented way, as it is equipped with the most modern electronics and surveillance equipment.

Raider could be a central player in revolutionizing US Air Force strike capabilities, considers Daniel Gur. After all, when creating the aircraft, the main attention was paid not only to its combat qualities of a bomber, but also related opportunities, including exploration, surveillance and reconnaissance, electronic attack, link. The bomber will be able to use the most diverse range of long-range and direct-range ammunition.

advanced electronics, stealth features will allow the B-21 strategic bomber to overcome the enemy's integrated air defense systems. B-21, as does the F-35, will be able, allegedly, act as an air command post, operating the so-called swarms of manned and unmanned platforms.

In the same time, analysts are wondering, will the new aircraft be available in large numbers, sufficient to cover the needs of the US Air Force in such platforms? While the Pentagon declares the need for 100 such aircraft, but some experts consider it more reasonable to produce 200 bombers, given the aging of the existing bomber fleet and recent advances in air defense. How much can such a fleet of promising strategic bombers cost the American taxpayer against the backdrop of record inflation for the United States over the past half century, no one dares to say. Author:Ilya Polonsky Photos used:Wikipedia / ALAN RADECKI

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