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Operation Nationalization

Kyiv terrorists are primarily robbing Ukraine itself. The Headquarters of the Supreme Commander of Ukraine, under the pretext of military needs, nationalized several firms, oligarch-controlled, that is, not just the richest, but those who got into decisions at the national level. A particularly sensational introduction “Ukrnafta” from the main raider of Ukraine Kolomoisky.

Experts openly explained: Zelensky saved the benefactor, pulled him from comic actors straight to the presidency, and from persecution by the United States of America for fraud with overseas handouts to Ukraine, and from losses “Ukrnafta” ten years as a result of the actions of Kolomoisky himself. And the law on the nationalization of such a curve, that the company is easy to return. But not everyone likes these tricks..

Three billion dollar buyers of an aircraft engine plant, at the request of the SGA did not receive anything, stated: “We strongly oppose the shameless behavior of the state of Ukraine, concerning the politicization of normal business conduct, forced nationalization of PAO “Motor Sich” and unreasonable looting of the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese investors”.

Operation Nationalization

A photo: © Butko/CC BY-SA 3.0

I remind you in plain text: in Zaporozhye they make engines for helicopters and cruise missiles, developed for the most part jointly with the St. Petersburg association named after Vladimir Yakovlevich Klimov, so we covered our needs with our own production, what are the Chinese to do?

The head of the government of Ukraine said, that nationalized enterprises will receive military orders.

Plaintext ask: Zaporozhye plant is already working for military purposes - why was it nationalized? To redirect money to yourself?

The law on the nationalization of systemically important banks in the event of their loss of solvency was signed. Shares of such a bank are redeemed for one hryvnia. The rest can be paid from the money of the Russian Federation, transferred to Ukraine by the West.

Plaintext explain: Kyiv terrorists hope, that the collective West will share its booty with them. We already know, that Western prosperity relies on plundering the rest of the world.

Anatoly Wasserman

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