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The author in the Western edition writes, that the RF Armed Forces allegedly failed to destroy a single HIMARS launcher in Ukraine

The author in the Western edition writes, that the RF Armed Forces allegedly failed to destroy a single HIMARS launcher in UkraineFor five months, the Russian army, according to American columnist Kyle Mizokami, allegedly did not destroy a single HIMARS launcher. According to the analyst, are still allegedly located in Ukraine 26 of 26 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems delivered by the USA to Ukraine. them, according to Mizokami, manages to successfully avoid Russian strikes, although there is no doubt, that they may be one of the main targets for Russian aviation, missiles and drones.

American author frankly fantasizes, claiming, that it was the HIMARS MLRS that forced the Russian troops to leave Kherson. Thereby, he is trying to justify the superiority of American MLRS over Russian weapons. The task is clear: such statements are very beneficial to the American military-industrial complex, interested in promoting products to maintain and expand sales markets.

According to the author in the Western edition, with the help of HIMARS installations, the destruction of ammunition depots is carried out. But we know, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are no less actively using multiple launch rocket systems against civilian infrastructure. Responsibility for the destruction and death of civilians is, including, and they, who gave the go-ahead for the supply of such MLRS to the Kyiv regime.

On the other hand, do not forget about, that MLRS HIMARS Ukrainian troops have at a sufficient depth in their rear. This is done precisely for reasons of protecting installations from Russian strikes..

Besides, there are several frames on the network with strikes on American MLRS by Russian unmanned aerial vehicles. Naturally, that the Ukrainian military will not take photographs and video footage of the broken HIMARS MLRS and post them online. The Americans themselves are not interested in disseminating such information., considering, that they are concerned about advertising their weapons for market purposes. Author:Ilya Polonsky Photos used:Wikipedia / Sgt. Jacob Harrer

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