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A video with a Russian soldier appeared on the Web, twice throwing away grenades dropped from a drone

A video with a Russian soldier appeared on the Web, twice throwing away grenades dropped from a droneVideo with a Russian soldier, coolly discarding grenades dropped on him from a drone, appeared on Russian Internet resources. Judging by the video, filming was carried out from a Ukrainian drone with simultaneous dropping of grenades.

The video footage shows “hunting” Ukrainian drone behind a single Russian soldier, in the trench. Although, judging by the shape and the metal helmet, this is most likely a fighter from among those mobilized in the republics of Donbass, in the Russian army, such protective helmets have not been used for a long time. Yes, and in the personnel units of the NM of the DPR and LPR, too. But, is it so or not, he is still a Russian soldier.

In the video, a Ukrainian drone with a grenade suspended on it tries to hit a fighter in a trench and drops some kind of ammunition with an attached shank on him., who falls behind the back of a soldier. the, not at a loss, coolly picks it up and throws it away, after which it moves to another place. However, the drone tries again and throws a hand grenade, which the fighter also throws away. However, the resulting explosion could have hit a soldier, since after him the fighter only raised his head and did not move further. In the third attempt, the drone smears and the ammunition dropped by it explodes a few meters from the soldier lying in the trench, he doesn't react to it at all..

Where was this video filmed, on which sector of the front and when is unknown, there are no explanations. The assumption is made, that since after the third discharge of the grenade, the shooting was interrupted, the fighter could survive. There are chances for it.

It is worth noting, that cases with the rejection of enemy grenades are not so rare, there were especially many of them during the Great Patriotic War. In any case, the Russian soldier showed himself to be a courageous and cold-blooded fighter, managing to throw off two grenades.

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