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Ministry of Defense of China: PLA prepares for war and strongly opposes Taiwan independence

Ministry of Defense of China: PLA prepares for war and strongly opposes Taiwan independenceBeijing responds to recent report on US national defense strategy, containing negative references to China. The authorities of the Celestial Empire issued another "last Chinese warning" to America about the inadmissibility of interference in the country's internal affairs and speculations around the issue of Taiwan's independence..

At present, the US is constantly emasculating the "one China" principle and overstepping all bounds in its efforts to "use Taiwan to control China", all this grossly violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China, and also seriously threaten peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei sternly warned Washington..

The representative of the Chinese military department warned overseas opponents, that the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) continues preparations for war and strongly opposes any form of separatism in Taiwan.

The updated US National Defense Strategy was officially published at the end of October.. It says, that the United States sees its task in, to reduce the risk of nuclear war, and to achieve this goal will seek to interact with other nuclear powers. But with some exceptions.

In particular, in the new military doctrine Russia is presented as an acute threat, which poses risks to Western democratic values ​​in general and Washington in particular. But even worse, American strategists believe, the case with China.

China is the only rival, who intends to reshape the international order and has the growing power to do so - said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, commenting on the document.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was not so harsh, what is characteristic of a diplomat, said during a meeting with US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns, that “the United States should stop trying to deal with China from a position of strength and constantly think about, how to suppress and restrain the development of China".

There is a feeling, that Washington and Beijing are playing some kind of secret game according to pre-agreed, but not publicly announced rules. The United States once again does everything, to spoil relations with China, persistently "poking" at the Taiwan issue and taking more and more steps, which are clearly aimed at, to piss off China. Chinese authorities respond to every new US demarche with another formidable warning, even military exercises in the Taiwan Strait are. Then everything calms down until the next mutual exchange of pleasantries..

Of course, the Americans go furthest in this theater of the absurd, who simultaneously declare, that they support the "one China" policy and immediately announce military assistance to Taiwan and readiness to defend its sovereignty.

And outsiders around the world are waiting with interest, how will it end, and will it ever end, this continuous "dance with tambourines" of the two superpowers. Author:Alexander Grigoriev

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