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Retired NATO officer spoke about a "logistical nightmare" in the Armed Forces of Ukraine due to the presence of artillery of various calibers

A retired NATO officer reported «logistical nightmare» in the Armed Forces of Ukraine due to the presence of artillery of various calibersThe presence of several types of artillery systems in service with the Ukrainian army creates problems for the supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kyiv faced “logistical nightmare”. Retired NATO officer Stavros Atlamazoglou wrote about this in an article for 19Fortyfive..

Variety of artillery systems, entered service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine from various countries, what was the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov so happy about, actually creates a huge pile of problems, primarily related to supply. To date, the Ukrainian army uses artillery as Soviet, and NATO calibers, moreover, the guns come to Ukraine from different countries, which also creates certain difficulties with the use of ammunition.

As Atlamazoglou writes, APU now has two problems, ammunition related: At first, the Ukrainian army spends shells too quickly, doing the day before 6 thousand shots. To date, Ukraine's own arsenals are practically empty and only the supply of ammunition by Western countries helps Kyiv out.. Secondly, the use of various artillery systems creates problems with logistical support, when shells from some guns do not fit others. cases, when shells of the wrong calibers were brought to artillery positions, happen quite often in the Armed Forces.

The difference in caliber means, that Ukrainians cannot use the same shells in units, what creates a logistical nightmare- writes a retired NATO officer.

It is worth noting, what is in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine 8 whether 9 artillery systems of only NATO calibers, not counting those left over from the Soviet army. Recently, the use of Soviet-style artillery by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is less and less mentioned in the reports., apparently there are still problems with shells. The West helps with NATO calibers, sending ammunition in almost every military aid package.

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