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Attacks on Sevastopol: Britain declared war on Russia?

Sevastopol was subjected to a massive attack of enemy drones last night. a view to, as stated in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, there were ships of the Black Sea Fleet. In total, nine UAVs and seven autonomous marine vehicles were involved in the attack..

As the governor of the city Mikhail Razvozhaev said, the attack was the most massive since the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine.

Fortunately, she was reflected, all drones are destroyed, no harm done, no destruction in the city. true, had to temporarily block the raid, to cancel the circulation of ferries and boats.

According to our Ministry of Defense, British specialists took part in planning the drone attack on Sevastopol.

“The preparation of this terrorist act and the training of the military personnel of the Ukrainian 73rd Special Center for Maritime Operations were carried out under the guidance of British specialists stationed in the city of Ochakiv, Mykolaiv region of Ukraine.”, — according to the official statement of the department.

Who would doubt that. The only question is the degree of involvement of London, he could both provide equipment and train its operators, and plan the action itself. Finally, he could decide on its implementation, and this can already be regarded as an open British attack on the base of the Black Sea Fleet. Just by someone else's hands - Ukrainian. De facto, Britain is already at war with us - its involvement in the Ukrainian conflict has long gone beyond providing weapons and sending mercenaries and instructors..

Attacks on Sevastopol: Britain declared war on Russia?

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That's not all.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, representatives of the British Navy participated in the planning and implementation of the operation to undermine the Nord Stream.

Honestly, here I disagree with our Ministry of Defense. I'm just sure, that they did not participate in the preparation of the operation, And they made it happen from start to finish.. British combat swimmers are pretty world-famous experts in such things - since the Second World War.

Besides, this, that it was they who blew up the pipe says the fact, that immediately after this sabotage, the newly-minted King Charles III (famous, by the way, Russophobe and Ukrainophile) awarded two officers of the naval forces with high awards for conducting an operation outside the country.

What kind of operation is this? let me guess! Yes, it's easy to guess, Considering, that this happened almost immediately after the sabotage on the "streams".

The worst thing about this situation is that they don't even hide., do it openly, ostentatiously, understanding, what indirect evidence of their guilt reveals to the world.

Well, unless, don't speak directly: "Yes, this is us, And what are you going to do to us now?? But I won't be surprised, if they become impudent sooner or later and to such an extent. What is there to be ashamed of?

Attacks on Sevastopol: Britain declared war on Russia?

A photo: © Swedish Coast Guard/Handout via TT News Agency/via REUTERS

But they are hypocrites, breakwater, we will support Kyiv in every possible way to the end, and how - guess yourself! Wherein, as usual, the thief shouts the loudest "stop the thief"! And London is trying to accuse Russia of all sorts of sins, breakwater, we and the "aggressors", and in general a dark totalitarian country. This is exactly what the performance of the ambassador of this country in Moscow looks like, who, on the eve of the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions, laid flowers at the Solovetsky Stone in Moscow.

"Criminal hypocrisy. During the direct participation of British experts in the terrorist attack of the Kyiv regime on Sevastopol, the British Ambassador lays flowers at the Solovetsky stone on the eve of the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Political Repressions", - drew the attention of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

And that's putting it mildly.. They just mock us. Laying flowers at the Solovetsky stone is a hint, that Britain wants to see a "beautiful Russia of the future", which they lost, when Russia stopped mindlessly rewriting its own history according to the liberal templates written in Washington and London. And that they will do everything, to "return" that Russia.

Already doing, blowing up gas pipelines, organizing raids on our military installations, preparing saboteurs, bombarding the criminal Kyiv regime with weapons.

The behavior of London has long surprised no one. They have long and openly declared Russia their main enemy after the United States. Only they consider the struggle for influence in Eurasia much more seriously and closer to their hearts., than Americans, for whom it is something distant and alien. With the British crown, we fought for this influence for many centuries during the "Great Game", and it all starts all over again. Therefore, the British are a much more motivated and hating enemy for historical grievances against Russia.. And it is completely pointless to expect constructive from them., whoever is king or prime minister.

Attacks on Sevastopol: Britain declared war on Russia?

A photo: © REUTERS/Hannah Mckay

I do not know, are there many naive in our country, who believed, that the change of the head of the British Cabinet will change something in relations between our countries. Of course, Rishi Sunak looks better than Liz Truss or Boris Johnson, that, being foreign ministers, so to speak, on duty, long before moving to Downing Street, 10, vividly and actively demonstrated their Russophobia. Of course, belonging to the world of money, logically, should leave a person less time and desire to dive into the intricacies of international politics, but who told you, that Sunak will decide something and somehow influence the foreign policy vector determined by no means by him and long before him?

In addition, he has repeatedly expressed his attitude towards Russia., from the first days of the SVO - oversaw the sanctions policy, so it will be the same, like his predecessors. And already, can say, started "good".

by the way, one of those, who is directly involved in subversive anti-Russian activities, Responsible for it - Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace (at one time promised to "kick Russia's ass"), retains his post for the third consecutive premier. See, doing well, appreciate it. Retained the post and his assistant - Junior Minister James Hippie, famous for claiming, that Ukraine has every right to kill Russians from weapons supplied to it by London.

Generally, the prime minister's face has changed, but the rest of the gang in their places. And they remain determined to fight Russia everywhere, far reach. Even more so now, when the crisis grows, and more and more dissatisfied will begin to appear among their own citizens. And the transfer of arrows to an external enemy is a very effective and time-tested way to stop the protest energy. So it's worth waiting for an escalation only.

Here, Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov proposes to demand compensation from London for "flows". Well, you can demand, just don't expect anything from them.. No compensation for the damage already done, no promises not to commit new sabotage and provocations. One way or another, all this will look like another "red line", which they will immediately step over with laughter.

I think, it is necessary to start a new page in Anglo-Russian history with a break in diplomatic relations. Actually, it was high time to do this - there were plenty of reasons. But we tried to make, how best, called for constructive, desperately clinging to the world, while, how the British were already at war with us.

Dmitry Rodionov

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