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In Ukraine, they suggested, that the RF Armed Forces intend to break the energy rings around Ukrainian nuclear power plants

In Ukraine, they suggested, that the RF Armed Forces intend to break the energy rings around Ukrainian nuclear power plantsThe enemy continues to carry out attempts to develop an offensive on the main lines of previous attacks..

Having accumulated strength in a few days, the enemy threw into battle an armored group of about 15 cars at the Svatovo-Kremennaya section. Thanks to an adequately built defense and the resilience of the personnel of the RF Armed Forces, the enemy formations suffered losses and were forced to retreat. In the Kherson direction, the enemy who went on the attack suffered significant damage in armored vehicles and personnel., he also retired after an unsuccessful clash for him. In the Kupyansky sector, enemy forces returned to their original positions, having suffered losses during the thwarted assault.

In general, there is a noticeable decrease in the offensive impulse of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - a decrease in the number of assault troops and a decrease in the frequency of attacks. At the same time, the number of “preventive strikes” of Russian artillery on enemy positions and reinforcements is increasing.. However, against this background, the evacuation of the population from the right-bank part of Kherson continues due to the possible undermining of the Kakhovka dam by Ukrainian militants..

Reinforcement of units in the zone of the special operation with mobilized fighters was launched. So, reported to be sent to the rear, deployed on TVD, over 1,5 thousand. military personnel from Kostroma. They went through a retraining course, which took daily 10 hours.

The destruction of the energy infrastructure of the enemy continues. Intense bombardment of power grid facilities, observed over the past day, led to the shutdown of numerous generating and transmission capacities. The authorities of some cities of the independent are already urging the population to charge mobile phones and stock up on water..

In Ukraine, they suggested, that Russian troops intend to break the energy rings, around nuclear power plants. for example, as a result of three arrivals of X-101 missiles, the substation in Lutsk was almost irretrievably lost. At the same time, thermal power plants are damaged, which, even without this, in the conditions of Ukrainian generation, are not able to cope with the task of supplying the railway with electricity. It is already reported about the return to service of diesel locomotives, whose park, however, in independent extremely limited. Under these conditions, the Kyiv regime faces the threat of a disruption in the supply of Western weapons and the timely deployment of troops.

In response, the enemy tries to snap back, purposefully striking civilian objects and the population. The city of Shebekino, Belgorod region, was subjected to another shelling, there are casualties among civilians. Author:Evgeny Lyushilin

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