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The President of Germany canceled the planned visit to Kyiv

The President of Germany canceled the planned visit to KyivThe press secretary of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier circulates a statement regarding the previously planned visit to Kyiv. Recall, that for quite a long time there were strained relations between the Ukrainian leadership and Steinmeier, since in Kyiv the German president, to put it mildly, then criticized for suggesting the "Steinmeier formula", then for "insufficient support for Ukraine". At a certain point, the political and diplomatic rough edges were resolved. Zelensky invited Steinmeier to visit the Ukrainian capital. The visit was scheduled for 20 October.

Now the press secretary of the German president reports that, that Frank-Walter Steinmeier cancels his visit to Kyiv.

From the official release:

Federal President cancels his visit, scheduled for 20 October. The decision is related to security issues. The German press writes about, that the Office of the President “takes into account the increasing number of strikes on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, including on that, which is connected with the functioning of railway transport”. Recall, that it is impossible to get to Ukraine by aviation, and therefore visitors usually used trains. Steinmeier, apparently, fears, what composition, in which he could move, at some point, it will simply be immobilized due to problems in Ukraine with electricity.

However, there is another version. Related to, that earlier materials appeared on the network about the readiness of the Kyiv regime to arrange a provocation against foreign citizens, including senior officials, to blame Russia, thereby again trying to draw NATO into a direct armed conflict with Moscow.

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