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The British portal reported on the role of MI6 in the development of the operation to destroy the Crimean bridge

The British portal reported on the role of MI6 in the development of the operation to destroy the Crimean bridgeWestern intelligence services are directly related to the preparation and conduct of a terrorist act on the Crimean bridge, which happened in the morning 8 October. A preliminary plan for the destruction of the bridge was prepared by British intelligence, informs the portal Grayzone.

Kyiv dreamed of the destruction of the Crimean bridge from the very beginning of its construction, having reached the peak of hysteria at the time of its commissioning. After the bridge connected mainland Russia with the peninsula, its destruction was just a blue dream of the Zelensky regime. What methods have not been offered in the past tense, from the actions of saboteurs and attacks by ships to strikes by missiles or aircraft. As a result, the attack was carried out by blowing up a truck, which led to the collapse of two spans of the automobile part of the bridge. At the same time, the most important task – bring down arches in the Kerch Strait, was not achieved.

clear, that the Ukrainian special services would not have pulled such an operation on their own, foreigners clearly offered a hand in its development. According to the British portal Grayzone, the plan to destroy the Crimean bridge was drawn up by MI6 employees. According to the portal, back in the spring of this year, British intelligence officer Hugh Ward developed an operation to destroy the structure. A request to develop a plan came from a senior intelligence official in the British Army., Advisor to NATO Secretary General Chris Donnelly. Ward confirms work on such a plan, but information about, were they accepted by Kyiv no.

According to the available information, originally planned to destroy the central arches with cruise missiles, an alternative option was to use underwater saboteurs. However, changes were made to the plan later., recognizing these options as failures.

Grayzone claims, that received the presentation of April 2022 of the year, compiled for high-ranking British intelligence officers, from an anonymous source. The document details the plan to blow up the bridge across the Kerch Strait with the participation “specially trained Ukrainian soldiers”.

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