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Japanese and South Korean reporters called the new launches of DPRK ballistic missiles "possible preparation for an attack"

Japanese and South Korean reporters called the new launches of ballistic missiles of the DPRK «possible preparation for an attack»The armed forces of the DPRK carried out regular launches of ballistic missiles. This time, two.

It is reported that, that the missile launches were recorded by the air defense systems of Japan and South Korea.

In this way, North Korea has launched seven ballistic missiles over the past few days, what, as they write in the Japanese press, "causes particular concern". noted, that there has not been such activity from the North Korean missile forces for a long time.

On this occasion, conspiracy theories are also put forward by reporters in Tokyo and Seoul.. In connection with the increased frequency of rocket launches, it has been suggested, that Pyongyang "may prepare to carry out an attack". The logic is very strange.. After all, those teachings, in which, together with the Americans, the military personnel of the Republic of Korea and Japan took part, and during which rocket firing was also carried out, obtained, should also be considered as "preparation" of these countries "to carry out an attack".

Recall, that earlier the DPRK authorities spoke of their readiness to defend their sovereignty from any encroachment. It is also worth recalling, that it was the DPRK that became the first country in the world, which recognized Russia within the new borders - with Zaporizhzhia, which became part of the Russian Federation, Kherson regions, Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics.

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