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Mask Ilona Mask

Tips for Ukraine from the World Champion in Stock Market Manipulation via Twitter

Mask Ilona Mask

Disputes continue over Elon Musk's proposal for peace terms in Ukraine. According to the billionaire, Crimea should be recognized as Russian, "how it was with 1783 years before Khrushchev's mistake", provide water supply to the peninsula, but hold referendums again in the territories annexed to the Russian Federation under the auspices of the UN, and for Ukraine to secure the status of a neutral country.

The statements of the billionaire at first glance look strange, Considering, that he actively supports the Kyiv regime and not only in words: Starlink space communication terminals supplied by him to Ukraine are used for military purposes, in particular for drone control.

Well, after Musk's speech, they argued about him. Someone supported the billionaire, but there were many indignant voices, especially from Ukraine.

Zelensky, who recently invited the magnate to visit, called him "supporting Russia". Musk objected: “SpaceX’s costs to deploy and support Starlink systems in Ukraine amounted to 80 millions of dollars. Our support for Russia is zero.”.

Following the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Podolyak criticized Musk's speech and offered his own version of the "settlement" of the conflict., expressing confidence, that Ukraine will liberate all its territories, and Russia will have to undergo "mandatory demilitarization and denuclearization".

Former Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk spoke in his usual boorish manner, sent the Mask to a known address and added, that now not a single Ukrainian will buy his “Tesla-shit”.

However, Musk is a player, he doesn't just talk.

“Musk is the world champion in manipulating the stock market via Twitter, writes Forbes. - Sometimes it's straight forward, leading to investigations and fines even in the world of free speech, sometimes a well-veiled impact, sometimes - the consequences of alcohol or drug intoxication: a great businessman is not alien to some of the joys of life".

Any Musk performances are double-action advertising. Common man, knowing the opinion of a celebrity, be sure to remember his products: buy something new?

However, in the case of the speech on Ukraine, Musk, it seems, pursued greater goals. He has a poor relationship with Democratic politicians, including President Biden. By his statement, he might want to show, that Biden and his associates with their military aspirations are the “bad guys”.

But it is unlikely that Musk longs for the role of peacemaker..

He makes money. Performs prudently and successfully. “Increasingly intense talk about nuclear weapons began, and society does not like it at all, and businessmen, - suggests Russian political expert Sergei Markov. – If the conflict in Ukraine spreads, it could lead to a global economic crisis, and therefore, that business can crumble ”.

Another guess: well-informed Musk is preparing society for, what could happen soon. The West often plays the international game, changing your puppets. It could happen to Zelensky too, which the, it seems, forgot, urging the West to launch a preventive nuclear strike on Russia.

It can be assumed, that Musk's proposals are one of the Western "sketches" of, what the world might look like in Ukraine. Pay attention: in the proposals of the American billionaire, the results of referendums are “annulled”, held in four new subjects of the Russian Federation, and is invited to help the UN.

... Recently, residents of Belgorod and other Russian cities have paid attention to an incomprehensible phenomenon - some mysterious rays rushed into the sky. It has been suggested, that this is how the combat laser "Peresvet" works. After that, the Ukrainian military equipment "went crazy" - the aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to strike at their own positions in the Avdiivka fortified area near Donetsk.

Starlink malfunctions occurred in other sectors of the front as well., in particular in Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, along the front line near Kharkov and Luhansk. This was reported Financial Times. According to the publication, one of the senior officials of the Ukrainian government spoke on condition of anonymity, that system disruptions have led to "catastrophic" loss of communications in the Ukrainian forces in the past few weeks.

In response, Musk accused the Financial Times of lying., but did not refute the FT message. And just noticed, that what is happening on the battlefield is classified. The experts expressed their opinion, that communication systems, supplied by Musk, began to "strange" after, how the military space forces of the Russian Federation were put on alert.

maybe, Musk guesses, that bouts of "madness" of the APU technique can become chronic. And in order not to completely discredit your offspring, he spoke about the world "under the auspices of the UN".

Elon Musk is a man, who, for the sake of advertising himself and his business, will put on any mask. Until he did nothing more than, that he expressed his support for Ukraine. There could be no doubt about that: the billionaire was and remains a man of the West.

Valery Burt

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