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The US Army will now allocate less funds for military uniforms for women, than for men

The US Army will now allocate less funds for military uniforms for women, than for menAccording to the American media, amid record inflation, resulting in a sharp rise in the cost of living, the cost of military uniforms for women will be cut.

Once a year, every US Army soldier receives a clothing allowance., designed to replace or update its form. The budget for the standard allowance for military women is now being reduced from $561,78 to 507,48 dollars for the new financial year, started with 1 October. At the same time, a similar allowance for men increased slightly - from 509,11 dollars to 517,34.

According to the official version, funding for women's uniforms cut, since the price of the form itself has decreased somewhat - by about 3,02 dollar. However, economists say, what is the slyness of the Pentagon, since lately there could not have been any drops in prices for uniforms. The new levels of benefits for men and women have been reversed for the first time in a long time, and this despite the entrenched opinion that, that women tend to spend more on their uniforms, than men.

In a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office for 2021 year said, that female soldiers pay approximately 8000 dollars out of pocket for a 20-year career, which is twice as much, how do men pay.

This difference is partly due to the fact, that women required additional uniforms during their careers, such as dress uniform skirts and maternity uniforms. Author:Bekhan Uzhakhov

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