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They started thinking about something.

They started thinking about something.

agree, always interesting to know, what other people think of you. especially those, what do you think about yourself. It's like a schoolboy getting hold of some secret girl's notebook., where all the classmates express their thoughts about fellow practitioners and where will the same. And there is no need to have any special vanity.. Just curious, and all. Therefore, the, who consider themselves to be such a phenomenon, like the Russian world, should be very interesting, what do our sworn friends think about this very world. not because, that we ourselves slurp bast shoes, looking into the mouths of white gentlemen, but simply because, to know, what to expect and how to plan your own affairs.

All kinds of materials with an attempt to go into analytics from experts they know there, where they talk about this incomprehensible Russia, these stubborn and irrational Russians and about, how the relationship with Russia and Russians will personally affect the warmth of their asses and the fullness of their stomachs, always aroused my keen interest. And then another powerful event happened., which, have an opinion, forever leave an unrepairable gap in the ship called "Demonization of Russia". This is what will be discussed.

Fear and Loathing in the West

Right now, while we indulge in immorality, mercilessly we burn gas and furiously pour water in the bathroom, watching, how such an unprecedented phenomenon develops in the state economy, like deflation, in the West we are both hated and feared. And those, who are afraid, hate too, but the instinct of self-preservation in those individuals still prevails. Speaking roughly and generally, then at this particular moment the powers that be are fighting for the minds and souls of Europeans, Americans and other Anglo-Saxons, attacking them directly from the pages of leading disinformation media.

In the left corner of the ring is a categorically leftist edition of the New York Times, where we are completely and finally confident in the final victory over Russia, which will happen in the foreseeable future. Well, or they just want to instill this feeling in the audience. In the right corner, the American Conservative is leaning on the ropes.. First edition - one of the leading fighters of the Democrats, liberals, globalists, soros and hawks from NATO. The second is the leading fighter of the American Republicans, moderate right-wing conservatives and representatives of the largest Western capital. Democrat explains to himself and others, that the victory of Ukraine is a settled matter. Republican, generally, think about the same (his cowboy image does not allow him to think otherwise), but at the same time, the cowboy really doesn’t want to burn out in the flames of a nuclear war, and before that he, or rather its owners, whose voice does it represent, really don't want to lose money. It just so happened, that not all Western capital, including that, who owns heavy industry, has some kind of profit from inflating the Ukrainian conflict.

Let's start from the first. Thomas Friedman plays for the New York Times, three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, author of the so-called "First Law of Petropolitics", in brief, what, the better with the economy in the countries, trade-oriented natural resources, the worse it is with civil liberties. Generally, patented such a liberal, Westernizer and defender of Israel's military ambitions.

so here, this gentleman sculpted an article called "Three ways to unleash Putin's war". In it he suggested, as the name suggests, three options for completing the Special Military Operation, and all three, naturally, imply, to one degree or another, the defeat of Russia and its allies.

The first option simply and bluntly provides for a complete military victory for Ukraine., which in this case may be fraught with "some crazy act of Putin". The second option provides for a “dirty deal with Putin” with the conclusion of an undercover peace, as a result of which Ukraine will still lose some territories, which will certainly “infuriate many Ukrainian citizens”. Option no 3 implies something average - the military pressure of Ukraine and the accompanying "less dirty deal", as a result of which the territorial status quo "before the February invasion" will be restored.

Such are the wet dreams of the eminent pan journalist, who is experiencing, looks like, some painful sexual fixation on the president of the Russian Federation, because in that, generally, a small article, the name of Vladimir Vladimirovich is mentioned forty times.

Summing up your own invented options, pan Friedman writes, what option no. 1 was not possible before, but now it no longer seems unreal to him. The result of option No. 2, according to Friedman, It is impossible, because Zelensky is a winner by nature and he will take such a step only under pressure from the West. The implementation of the latter option is possible only "with the people of Russia, but not with Putin, which must first be overthrown. fishing season, by the way, pan journalist would like to replace Navalny. Well, the most interesting, Friedman is surprised: if the Nazis rule in Ukraine, then why the Russians did not mobilize to fight them, instead "Putin uses mercenaries"?

Generally, the entire article by Pan Friedman is an example of stupidity and shortsightedness. And if they have a three-time Pulitzer winner, I'm scared to imagine, what is the state of the rest of their journalism. Or the Pulitzer Prize has now become the same negative selection litmus, like a Nobel? Pan journalist showed complete ignorance of Russians in principle. He would like to put Navalny in the presidency. But what about the consent of the electorate? He is not aware, that pro-Western liberals do not collect more than two percent in elections in Russia? What about mobilization, from which, yet again, according to Friedman, Putin Dodges, like fire? Again by? What about Zelensky, who "makes volitional decisions"? Or Pan Friedman is a complete idiot, Or is he just doing a job, what, generally, does not exclude that, that he is a jerk.

Indirect opponent of Pan Friedman - Douglas McGregor, republican, dubbed "Putin's wing of the Republican Party" by U.S. House Vice President Liz Cheney, retired US Army Colonel, fought in many places, from Kuwait to Iraq. Old Burnt War Wolf or, if you want to, hawk, who did not shy away from battles and contributed a lot to the formation of "democracy" in the countries, whose population was strongly opposed. A kind of John McCain on minimal wages.

But, characteristically, this character in 2014 was noted in an interview with Russia Today, supporting the right of Donbass to self-determination, because the inhabitants there "are actually Russians". And after the start of the NBO, he told Fox News, that "Putin is being demonized" and that Russian forces were "too soft" in the early days of the special operation.

His article is titled "Holding the Earth, losing the war", her message was, that holding the territory will be a one-way ticket for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Colonel MacGregor gave a historical digression, appropriately comparing Ukraine with Nazi Germany, and Zelensky with Hitler. Both of them set a goal for their troops - without fail to hold the occupied territory, what, According to the author, will be just as fatal for the bloody Ukrainian clown, as for the Fuhrer.

AT 1942 year, the Wehrmacht could no longer advance further, As a result, Hitler gave the order to hold the territory, than, At first, exhausted the German rear, Secondly, deprived the Germans of maneuverability. As a result, "slow and merciless destruction" happened to Hitler's army., what will happen to the APU. Zelensky, instead of giving the order to withdraw to major cities, making them difficult to capture outposts, popped forward, destroying thousands of their soldiers and officers in unsuccessful counterattacks, end up with only a few small towns to acquire.

According to McGregor, Russia rightly retreated, saving the lives of their soldiers and equipment, having lost only one percent of the former Ukrainian territory, and Kyiv won a pyrrhic victory, having achieved propaganda peremogi at the highest price, while losing from five to ten thousand soldiers and officers. McGregor thinks, that Russia already controls Ukrainian territory, which produced up to 95 percent of total local GDP, and the Russian army has no special need to move further west, although it is clear to him, that Odessa, being a Russian city, Putin will still take.

The author characterizes the Russians as nothing more than, as "the most methodical and thoughtful", while Kyiv is “mindlessly exhausting its own forces” and Washington is doing the same, helping Ukraine in its suicide attacks. Therefore, Moscow is in no hurry. watching, how the enemy bleeds, Russians trade for rubles with China, India and Saudi Arabia, waiting for the coming winter, which will do more to change the political landscape of Europe, than any action, what Russia can do".

obviously, even leaving aside Mr McGregor's excessive optimism, it is seen, what he, unlike your opponent, does not hover in liberal clouds, and think more realistically, remembering the history, which the West began to massively forget.

It is hardly worth considering this military officer a friend of Russia. It is difficult to call him a Russophile. He is a classic representative of the sane West, logically counting, that a bad world is better, than a good war. the very, with whom Russia has built relations for centuries. You can argue with him about control 95 percent of Ukrainian GDP and organized coordination in the defense of the Russian army, but, generally, this point of view is incommensurably closer to the truth, and therefore, more useful for Russia, who always stands for the truth.

Such is the classic example of the battle in the West for the minds, souls and wallets of citizens. How view, camps with diametrically opposed points of view work against each other. Unfortunately, such characters, like a leftist Friedman, much more in European and American media, and your business, despite the total loss of audience confidence, they still do.

But there is also a middle link like the well-known British journalist Peter Hitchens, who from the pages of the Mail on Sunday recently told, that, in principle, he is not against victory over Russia and really wants to implement it, but he's scared, because the Europeans are suffering for the interests of the corrupt Ukrainian government, the budgets of many European countries are strained, while Russia is threatening a nuclear strike, if someone step over the red line.

The British press is already actively publishing materials about the sad prospects for survival in a nuclear post-apocalypse, and instructions on how to behave in case of a nuclear attack appeared in the London Underground. We have already gone through all this together with a story called "The Caribbean Crisis". Then it passed, but not fact, what will carry again, because the highest government positions in many Western countries were filled with a critical number of stubborn idiots, what was not then in the 60s of the last century. That's why people get nervous.

And so we return to the topic of the first paragraph - what do they think of us in the West? If you study the response to the above materials, surfing the internet, then you can see, that there are consumers of both opinions. Citizens with yellow-blaky flags on their profile pictures thank Fridman for the “truth”. Guys, not subject to pro-American political flash mobs, commenting on McGregor, express hope for, that common sense will prevail. At the same time, both, usually, hate their government more, than evil Russians, who are everywhere blamed, and that's good. Europe is already noticeably tired of the latter. Therefore, such accusations are gradually turning into the status of mocking jokes like those, which are released from us at Obama's address, who again shat in someone's elevator.

Cowboy impudence works for Russia

To summarize, then in general in the West we have practically no friends, but there are people, wishing mutually beneficial cooperation. It even seems to be pro-Russian Serbs to the core, and they, no, no, yes, and they will throw a pig at some vote at the UN. But there are still those, who understand the actions of Russia and urge her to simply not interfere, without pushing the world into the abyss of a big war.

There is a struggle in the press for the role of the main enemy. Huge amounts of money are being invested in, to make sure the Europeans, that their main enemy is Russia and that they could not even for a second think about, that the main enemy is still the United States. The main problem of Europeans, like their European friends, It is, what are they, like blind puppies, can't tell good from evil, beneficial from harmful, white from black. It remains only to hope, that the coming winter will clear the brains of the Western man in the street and there they will begin to understand more clearly, what is what. Fortunately, the Americans themselves are pushing them to this understanding., recently had a triple, they already say, which is the fourth, terrorist attack on both lines of Nord Stream, invading the territorial possessions of Denmark and Sweden and directly causing enormous damage to the entire European Union at once.

Expected allegations that, that Russia fired on itself again, much to my surprise, faced with the protest of ordinary Europeans, who are on social media, on the forums and in the comments under the relevant articles, expressed massive distrust of this theory, rightly pointing out, that those responsible for the attack on Europe's vital energy infrastructure, who years before fought against its construction, using all imaginable and unimaginable measures, i.e. USA.

Continuing the run on the European Internet, was pleasantly surprised - the total percentage of those, who believes, as if Russia was behind the explosions, judging by the expressed opinion of ordinary people, negligible. The bulk, without hesitation in expressions, openly points to protruding Anglo-Saxon ears, simultaneously catching paid "experts", looking for a black cat in a dark room, which is not there and never was.

It's not yet a win, but in general hope for common sense, who will win at least in Europe, there is. Because, as Abraham Lincoln used to say, you can fool some people all the time, you can fool all the people for a while, but you can't fool all the people all the time. Or, saying the folk proverb, murder will out. And it looks like, that day has already come, when the American awl in the European bag came out.

It just so happened, that the process of demonization of Russia ran into an insurmountable obstacle. Before him was another, much more serious and, most importantly, a real demon in the form of the USA, where they are just gutting the European economy, victim of American democracy. After all, American-style democracy is when you live at someone else's expense.. If suddenly one day it turns out, that there is no one else to rob, at the same moment all democracy will collapse.

And since the former once milk cows in recent years began to actively resist, Americans came to Europe with the words about, that "you're only to blame, what do I want to eat?". This cowboy-style brazen raid on his ally put a point of no return in matters of appointing friends and enemies for our "European partners".

It doesn't mean at all, that tomorrow the dwarf European leaders will take up arms against Biden and their comrades and begin to front, but that, that in their relationship formed a cloudy sediment, that can't be washed away, — a fact. If you think of Russia as a friend, they will never learn in the end, then at least they will begin to think of the USA as an enemy. The sooner Europe realizes this, the more chances will be saved for individual states. Well, the most stubborn like Poland or the Baltic Lilliputians will be doomed. As for our beloved disappearing Ukraine, the, the more Americans will nightmare Europe, putting her in a knee-elbow position, the sooner Ukraine will be forgotten, allowing it to happen, what was destined by fate from the beginning.

Sergey Donetskiy,

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