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There are almost no people with a stable psyche in the United States

There are almost no people with a stable psyche in the United States

Country psychopath

America is a country of psychopaths? Yes, This is true, and The New York Times confirms: in America more 15 million people, subject to severe mental disorders. And according to the American Medical Association (American Medical Association – AMA), under the definition of "psychopath" (human, mentally ill) covers about a quarter of the US population.

And nobody, according to New York Times, is not seriously struggling with a problem that is terrible for society in America. "Countrywide, - newspaper, – hundreds of thousands of Americans with serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, doomed to a life of profound instability… They are victims of the mental health system… and society, which is indifferent to their position".

How is this possible? Very simple: many americans are poor, they are unable to pay for their treatment. “Few Americans receive adequate mental health care or psychological support these days, either because, that their health insurance does not cover it, either because, that they don't have insurance from the start, either because, that the waiting lists are too long. And even against the background of such widespread insufficiency, the dismissive attitude of society towards the most seriously mentally ill is striking.. Of 14 million people, suffering from the most severe mental disorders, about a third do not receive any treatment… The most obvious reason is money.”.

There are almost no people with a stable psyche in the United States

The vast majority of Americans with mental illness serve public psychiatric clinics.. These patients, usually, have a low income and rely on Medicaid, whose reimbursement rates are so terrible, that clinics lose money on almost every service, provided by doctors.

"They receive from 60 to 70 cents per dollar, Chuck Ingola says, president of the National Council on Mental Health, non-profit organization, representing thousands of local mental health centers in the United States. – The number of vacancies in public psychiatric clinics can reach 30 percent, and queues can stretch for months even for people, in a Crisis Situation". Jails are becoming a haven for psychopaths in the United States. More 40 percent of prisoners in the country are diagnosed with mental disorders.

"Americans, - notes NOW, - got over it a long time ago, because, how tragic, there are no other options. Their apathy is easy to understand. When it comes to caring for the mentally ill, the arc of American history almost always tends to fail». American Psychiatric Association President Stephen Sharfstein Remembers Boston State Hospital in Mattapan, creaky building of the last century, where he and his fellow psychiatrists were forced to send their most unyielding patients. "It was a terrible place, – Dr. Sharfstein says. – The light didn’t always work, patients wandered, like a zombie. No one got better.".

A huge number of people with a sick psyche, who are not in hospitals, roam the streets, and this medical problem turns into a racial problem. As 'pandemic' declared, violence against Asian Americans swept the US; spit on the victims, they were punched, pushed off subway platforms, inflicted fatal stab wounds, fired. New York in March 2021 there was a series of violent attacks against Asian Americans, including a shocking incident near Times Square with a Filipina, who was beaten on the head in broad daylight. Police and investigators claimed, out of seven people, arrested during this incident, all showed signs of emotional distress.

While the number of hate crimes, directed against the Asians, in New York in the first half of this year decreased, overlap between bias-motivated attacks and mental illness persists. In May, the NYPD announced, what from 100 human, arrested in the city for hate crimes in the first four months 2022 of the year, nearly half had previously been identified by police as emotionally disturbed.

In fact, the situation in the US is even worse., how NYT describes. Last year the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published list of the most common forms of mental disorders in American society, supporting the new study with fresh figures and facts. There are almost no people with a stable psyche in the United States. Nearly 50 million. Americans aged 18 years and older suffer from some form of anxiety disorder / restless states (Anxiety Disorders). They are characterized by heightened fears, fears, obsessive movements.

One of the main problems, according to HHS, are Substance-Induced Mood Disorders. People with this diagnosis often do not understand, that their condition is due to the regular use of alcohol, opioid, stimulants, marijuana or other substances, which doctors and pharmacies impose on them. Psychotic disorders (Psychotic Disorders) one of the biggest problems in American society, which, according to experts' forecasts, at 2025 year will amaze more 30 million. human.

There are almost no people with a stable psyche in the United States

The abundance of mentally ill people in the United States cannot but affect the quality of government. Times, eg, wrote about the anxiety of psychiatrists about the owners of the White House. Almost half of the presidents of the United States suffered from mental illness, says the newspaper. "Theodore Roosevelt, - notes Times, - suffered from bipolar personality disorder. Lyndon Johnson demonstrated “grandiose narcissism”». Any suggestions, that Ronald Reagan showed early symptoms of Alzheimer's. Bill Clinton's aides expressed concerns about his erotomania. Richard Nixon was generally portrayed as paranoid, not to mention his alcoholism.

What about US President Joe Biden?, everyone and sundry has been talking about problems with his mental health for a long time.

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