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Former US senator voices another US motive for undermining Nord Stream

Former Virginia senator Richard Black voiced another US motive for undermining Russian gas pipelines. First of all, Blake pointed out, that, as a professional judge, he primarily proceeds from the motivation of one side or another when establishing the guilty. Russia had no reason to do this:

“Statements about Moscow’s involvement in this sabotage are stupid and absurd”, – he noted.

Former US senator voiced another US motive for undermining «Nord stream»

Washington had such motives. In particular, by eliminating the gas pipeline, it is possible to deprive protesters in Europe of people of leverage on the authorities, because they will no longer be able to demand just turn the gas back on.

So, in addition to Washington's obvious financial benefit from sabotage at Nord Stream (since it was the States that increased their LNG supplies to Europe by blowing up gas pipelines), political motivation also emerges. Will this be taken into account during the “investigation” of the incident?, or we will see another circus performance instead of a real consequence - time will tell.

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