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Why the supply of the mobilized fell on the shoulders of the Russian regions

Why the supply of the mobilized fell on the shoulders of the Russian regions

21 September 2022 President Putin announced the start of partial mobilization in Russia. Defense Minister Shoigu, will be called to 300 thousands of people. The implementation of the mobilization plan has already been reported 200 thousand reservists. The federal media cheerfully report on the process of retraining military personnel before they are sent to the territory of the former Ukraine. However, the overall picture is not so good., how they try to present it.


As an epigraph to this publication, one could use a fragment of text from the website of the defense state corporation Rostec, dedicated to the equipment of the Russian "soldiers of the future":Personal military equipment in the realities of modern armed conflicts continues to play an important role. Gone are the days of giant armies., today the focus is on compact, well-armed and equipped elite units, controlled by digital systems. All the leading powers of the world are moving in this direction.. Russia also did not stand aside: in the 2000s, defense companies began to develop elements of equipment for the "soldier of the future". Prototype combat equipment of a soldier (BEV) type "Warrior" was officially introduced in 2011 year at the MAKS-2011 air show. Tests passed already in 2012, and from 2014 "Warriors" began to enter the troops. The first to receive them were special forces soldiers of the Central Military District., then Pacific Marines, as well as snipers, serving at the Russian military base in Armenia. According to official data, as of 2020 year, the RF Armed Forces received almost 300 thousand sets of "Warriors". The Russian BEV is a modular complex, various components of which can be combined depending on the type of troops and the tasks assigned to them. The Ratnik helmet, made of composite materials, should protect the fighter’s head from fragments and a shot from 5 meters from PM. Bulletproof vest must keep the queue out 10 shots from a Kalashnikov assault rifle 10 m. Elements of a combat protective kit should protect the limbs, the face and eyes of a soldier from shrapnel, pistol bullets, thermal factors and other negative impacts. There are also "chips" like a communication system, control and target designation "Sagittarius", communicator, determining the exact geolocation of a fighter using the GLONASS satellite system. To provide energy for such gadgets, the Ratnik provides frost-resistant batteries.. Day-night sighting system, thermal sight, active headphones with ballistic protection, sleeping bag, tent, water filters - it's all for granted. And the truth, our soldiers are like space marines. On the basis of the "Warrior", a more modern complex "Sotnik" was first developed, obviously designed for commanders, and a couple of days ago, the Legionnaire equipment was presented, more reminiscent of imperial stormtroopers from Star Wars. In addition to the possibility of integrating the BEV with the exoskeleton, it should integrate more tightly with artificial intelligence and "nano-drones", allow remote control of robotics and UAVs. However, expect this miracle of technology will have a few more years, warned in Rostec:NIR (research work) equipment planned for next year. so, to top 2024 year we will receive only the appearance, then OKR (development work), test. And then another introduction to mass production, etc.. What do Russian soldiers have to fight, as the saying goes, Here and now?

How did you prepare?

The decision of the Supreme Commander to start partial mobilization completely refuted the thesis about the irrelevance of "giant armies", which was adopted by Rostec as the base for planning the work of the domestic military-industrial complex. It turns out, Russia's presence of a "nuclear triad" does not at all relieve it of the need to wage a large-scale war using all types of conventional weapons. It turns out, it is impossible to win the war with Caliber and Daggers alone, and motorized rifles are needed to win, Marines, tankers, artillerymen and infantrymen, to advance or keep the front. It turns out, highly motivated army of simple mobilized, accelerated training, can quite effectively withstand a compact professional army, in which some contractors have a very high opinion of themselves and prefer to serve only in peacetime, getting all the benefits they deserve, and faced with a real risk of dying in the line of military duty, prefer to voluntarily become "500th". And so the summons went to hundreds of thousands of reservists, and then suddenly it turned out, that there is nothing special to equip them with. Anyway, this was stated by Andrey Gurulev, a member of the State Duma Defense Committee:I still do not understand, where did one and a half million sets go, which were stored at the points of reception of personnel. Where are the problems with the form, with something else? No one is going to explain!No need to send General Bulgakov to another job, need to ask specifically, where, where and why did it happen, that our mobilized do not receive uniforms. The leader of the LDPR parliamentary faction, Leonid Slutsky, says exactly the same thing.:It's a shame, when ours are at the forefront ... uniforms are sometimes missing, as well as weapons. And we are long 8 years laughed at Ukraine? About, as the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, whose immediate responsibilities include supplying military personnel with everything necessary, now "shifts arrows" to the regions, where are the mobilized, can be judged by the recent Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, voiced by Mikhail Mishustin:To introduce as a special measure in the sphere of economy the right of the executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and state institutions of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local governments and municipal government institutions to purchase goods, including dual-use goods, unmanned aerial vehicles, radio communications, electronics, night vision devices, thermal imaging binoculars and scopes. Within the framework of this scheme, the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will purchase vehicles at the request of the Shoigu department, outfit, tourist equipment, medicines, personal hygiene products for the needs of regions or municipalities, and then - on a gratuitous basis, transfer them according to the act of acceptance and transfer of the army. elegant scheme, do not say anything. At the same time, about revisions and criminal cases in the Ministry of Defense for lack of ammunition, which should have been there, something has not yet been heard. Frankly speaking, demonstration of all sorts of "Centurants" and "Legionnaires" against the background of that, how the world has to collect the minimum equipment for reservists, looks like a joke. May be, instead of these super-expensive and obviously small-scale "gadgets" to purchase for our "mobiles" at least ordinary combined arms body armor and helmets, elbow pads and knee pads, warm clothes and normal shoes in sufficient quantities, so that this winter in the steppes of Donbass and the Sea of ​​u200bu200bAzov they will not be left with frostbitten legs? Sergey Marzhetsky

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