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A film about the WAGNER group

In the new film by Prigozhin and Nagin "The Best in Hell" 2022 one of the real battles was recreated with scrupulous accuracy - two hours of complete immersion in the war. The realism of the picture is truly frightening., especially on the big screen - all tactics at a glance: what weapon, by whom and when applied. In detail. Highly. And what shocked me the most, that events are shown simultaneously from two sides, and without the slightest, even the smallest attempts to belittle or dehumanize the enemy. From headquarters to ordinary performers. No "scouts" and "spies" - brothers (white vs yellow). It's directly underlined. And that only makes it worse. hurts more. The spectacle is very strong, breaks down to tears. Producer: Andrey Batov. Starring: George Bolonev, Dmitry Murashev, Georgy Marishin, Zakhar Cherezov, Yuri Evdokimov, Sergey Bespalov, Gleb Denisov, Alexey Kravchenko, Vladislav Demin and Anton Bagmet.

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