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The work of Russian artillery on the advancing enemy armored vehicles in the Kherson direction was caught on video

The work of Russian artillery on the advancing enemy armored vehicles in the Kherson direction was caught on videoA video of an attempt by armored vehicles to attack the defense line of Russian troops in the Kherson direction appeared on the Web. The attack was carried out the day before from Novovorontsovka in the direction of Khreschenovka and Lyubimovka. This has been previously reported “military Review” in one of his news articles.

As previously reported, the enemy made an attempt to break through our defenses with the development of the offensive in case of successful actions, but ran into an artillery strike. The counterattack involved a tank battalion supported by an infantry battalion. specified, that Polish T-72M1 tanks went on the attack, they were supported by BMP-1 and BTR YPR-765 (American M113), received from the Netherlands.

Intelligence of the Russian Armed Forces spotted the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, after which they were hit by artillery, also worked out MLRS “city”. Pre, the attack bogged down after, how the enemy lost a large number of armored vehicles. All this happened the day before, fighting continued through the night. meanwhile, the information that appeared in the morning in this direction varies greatly. No official data, and unofficial ones report completely different information. According to some data, APU attacked at night, throwing at Russian positions before 150 armored vehicles, including tanks, broke through the first line of defense of the Russian troops and ran into the second. is approved, that n.p. passed under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Golden Beam. Approximately the same information is given by Strelkov, he reports, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an offensive along the Dnieper and occupied Zolotaya Balka. It was at night, no information in the morning.

Interesting information comes from Kyiv. The source reports, that Zelensky was planning a covert offensive in the Kherson direction using a large armored group in the first wave, but the Russian troops were waiting for this and struck at the advancing troops, after which the offensive bogged down. Now in Kyiv they are dispersing the topic with “taken from the enemy” settlements, but these territories were already under the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Bankova was immediately accused of creating fake illusions, after all, these territories have long been under the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are far from the battle line – says the source.

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