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US Press: Russia may attack US infrastructure in response to blowing up two gas pipelines

US Press: Russia may attack US infrastructure in response to blowing up two gas pipelinesRussia may strike at American infrastructure, if it establishes US involvement in undermining gas pipelines “Nord stream” and “Northern Stream 2”. This conclusion was reached by the author of an article for the American edition of National Review.

Russia will conduct its own investigation of incidents on two gas pipelines, going to Germany, and if the US involvement in the attack on them is established, it can recognize the Americans as full-fledged “belligerent” with all that it implies. Firstly, says the author, Moscow may attack American infrastructure. Besides, U.S. involvement in the bombings will lead to a rupture of relations with Germany, despite the pro-American government.

Regardless of, whether the political decision to build the pipeline was bad from an economic and geopolitical point of view, Germans would never forgive America for this act- he writes, adding, that US statements about, that it was allegedly Russia itself that blew up its gas pipelines, does not stand up to criticism.

A retired colonel came to the same conclusion., former senior adviser to the head of the Pentagon, Douglas McGregor. According to him, ears of the USA or Great Britain stick out of this sabotage. They are the ones who benefit the most from destruction. “Nord stream” and they have all the necessary means for this.

meanwhile “sleepy joe” has already accused Russia of alleged involvement in undermining its own gas pipelines. Biden does not need to wait for the end of the investigation, in his opinion it was “deliberate act of sabotage”. The President of the United States promised “thorough investigation”, to finally establish Russia's involvement in the explosions.

It was a deliberate act of sabotage. Now the Russians are spreading disinformation. We will work with our allies, to figure it out, what happened- cites Biden's White House statement.

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