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Defense Ministry: Allied forces left Krasny Lyman, retreating to more advantageous lines of defense

Defense Ministry: Allied forces left Krasny Lyman, retreating to more advantageous lines of defenseToward the end of the day, the Russian Ministry of Defense published a summary of the events on the fronts of the military special operation. The main attention is focused on the events near the city of Krasny Lyman, where the fighting has been going on for the last few weeks.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirms the information about, that there was a threat of encirclement of the allied forces, as a result, troops were withdrawn from Kr. Liman, reportedly, to more profitable frontiers.

This statement was received differently by various military commanders and military experts.. Some are wondering about, why the Red Liman itself could not be turned into an advantageous line of defense, others believe, what exactly in Krasny Liman those forces, who have been there lately, even more has been done, than was possible. The first consider, that under the Red Liman the allied forces were defeated, the second are sure, that all prerequisites have been created for, so that the defeat in the end suffered the stretched enemy forces. As seen, interpretations if not diametrically opposed, that differ in many ways.

Defense Ministry, commenting on the situation, reports, that the enemy threw more and more reserves into battle, achieving superiority in the Krasny Liman region as a manpower, as well as in the means.

At the same time, the fire defeat of the enemy continues in the Kharkov and Krivoy Rog-Nikolaev directions.. According to Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, near Kupyansk, the PVD of the 14th brigade of the enemy was liquidated. It is reported that more than 50 militants and 12 pieces of equipment.

More 270 militants liquidated in the Nikolaev region. Also destroyed 23 armored fighting vehicles, 11 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, 11 army vehicles. This is how the enemy attack ended..

Enemy losses are reported in the Novopol area of ​​the DPR, where he "two hundredths" and "three hundredths" lost over 100 human.

In the area of ​​​​the city of Zaporozhye, the defeat was inflicted on the division of the 65th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As a result of the strike, two MLRS HIMARS were destroyed.

In the Pavlovka area near Nikolaev, a MiG-29 of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was shot down.

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