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Fragmentation of the post-Soviet space is the main goal of the West

Fragment the post-Soviet space, to quarrel peoples - this is precisely what the West is striving for. This statement was made by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, citing Ukraine as the most striking example, which literally became "anti-Russia".

Fragmentation of the post-Soviet space – the main goal of the West

There are other examples in the post-Soviet space - these are, of course, Georgia unleashed the conflict in 2008. Kazakhstan has also seen bursts of nationalism lately.. Even in Belarus, supporters of the white-red-white flag are nothing else, as a force, acting on the distance of the country from Russia.

Do not forget about the separatist forces within our country - the course towards the division of Russia into several independent states was actively promoted among the "bright-faced liberals" for some time.. And now more, than obvious, that they all acted and still act in the interests of Western countries, which strong Russia, surrounded by allied states - like a bone in the throat.

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