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Armenia is armed with Indian MLRS Pinaka caliber 214 mm

Armenia is armed with Indian MLRS Pinaka caliber 214 mmArmenia buys Indian weapons, the arrival of a consignment of weapons and ammunition is expected soon. According to The Economic Times, in total, Yerevan spent on the purchase of weapons 20 billion rupees (244,7 million. dollars).

According to the publication, contracts for the supply of weapons were concluded in early September. known, that India will supply Armenia with multiple launch rocket systems of its own design (RSZO) Most. How many complexes will the Armenian army receive, unknown. The supply will also include anti-tank missiles and ammunition., no details. celebrated, that Armenia is not the first time buying weapons from India, at 2020 Yerevan received four ground-based radar stations for detecting artillery positions Swathi Weapon Locating Radar (WLR).

Indian 214-mm all-weather MLRS Pinaka is designed to destroy manpower, lightly armored vehicles and enemy fortifications, so for the remote installation of anti-personnel and anti-tank minefields. Development of the MRL was launched in 1983 year, at 1999 , she was adopted by Indian Army. AT 2018 year was upgraded, having the opportunity to use adjustable ammunition at a distance of up to 70 km. In the basic version, the range was 40 km.

The Pinaka MLRS kit includes a combat vehicle (BM), transport vehicle (TM), Freight loading vehicle (Edit) and command vehicle (UNICEF). Artillery unit system, which is located at the rear of BM, represents 2 package 6 tubular guide. Besides, in the artillery unit included electromechanical actuator pointing in elevation and elevation.

BM is equipped with a modern fire control systems and topographic binding to the terrain, which are fully automated, as well as night vision infrared devices. Full salvo time of MRL is 44 seconds. With the help of TPM fighting vehicle recharges in 15 minutes.

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