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Time to heal from feelings of self-superiority

Time to heal from feelings of self-superiority

“The wind rose can turn in their direction”…

The United States has developed a plan of action in the event that Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Such a statement was made 25 September Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in an interview with CBS. Answering a reporter's question about, does the US authorities have a plan for such a case, Blinken said: “Yes, there is”. Earlier, Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Jake Sullivan noted, that Washington will respond to Moscow about the possible use of nuclear weapons.

Blinken also reported, that the US has been in direct contact with Russia over threats to use nuclear weapons. This contact is maintained against the backdrop of a referendum in the LDNR, NPT, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions on joining the Russian Federation. The outcome of the referenda is clear, and in the first days of October there will be Russian territory. This will lead to the emergence of a qualitatively new situation.: Armed Forces of Ukraine will be on part of the territory of the Russian Federation, which must be considered only as an aggression against a sovereign state.

Russia has not been in such a position since the Great Patriotic War and will be forced to take measures to expel the aggressor. Likely, she will have to move to the level of conventional wars. There can be no talk of any local battles and saving the infrastructure. APU will retreat, maybe run somewhere, what does not fit into the plans of their overseas masters. They will try to pump up the Nazis with more modern and long-range weapons., about which they will receive another warning from Moscow in a timely manner: any vehicles with military cargo for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, heading to Ukraine, will be treated as military targets and destroyed. This will happen when approaching Odessa by sea, when entering the Ukrainian-Polish, Ukrainian-Slovak or Ukrainian-Romanian border by land or when approaching Ukrainian airports by air.

It should also be expected, that Poland will receive a separate warning against the use of its territory for the transfer of weapons. Warsaw's piercing howl about "collective self-defense" in accordance with Article 5 NATO charter will not impress Moscow, because we are talking about the intervention of a foreign state in the internal affairs of Russia.

case, if NATO does not understand the warnings and starts brandishing tactical nuclear weapons, President B. Putin said: "They must know, that the wind rose can turn in their direction". Although American environmentalists warn of another danger: one small nuclear explosion in Wyoming, near the Yellowstone Volcano area, will be sufficient, to cause an eruption, capable of causing a national catastrophe in the United States. The cure for the illusion of their own superiority is not easy for Americans, But at some point it had to come...

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the country, who are trying to blackmail Moscow with nuclear weapons. he noted, what 27 September will end the procedure of popular will in four former Ukrainian regions. After counting the results, bills on the inclusion of new subjects in the Russian Federation will be submitted to the State Duma 28 September. 29 September, the document can be adopted by the Federation Council. 30 September 2022 of the year, day, who will go down in history, President Vladimir Putin, likely, send a message to the Federal Assembly.

What can be said? certainly, the head of state will announce the admission of four new subjects to the Russian Federation at once. However, he will also have to issue an ultimatum to Ukraine., maybe, and not only for her. The essence of the ultimatum to the Kyiv regime should be the demand for the immediate withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard from the territory of the Russian Federation, what with 30 September will be the Donbass and the Sea of ​​u200bu200bAzov. Like any ultimatum, it must contain a threat in case of non-compliance. Logic tells, that this could be an official declaration of war on Ukraine with the transition from the NWO format to a “state of war”.

This assumption is supported by the fact that, that the president will deliver a message to the Federal Assembly, which, in accordance with Art.. 102 of the Constitution, has the right to approve the change of the borders of the Russian Federation, approve presidential decrees on the introduction of a state of emergency and martial law, as well as to resolve the issue of the possibility of using the RF Armed Forces abroad. the, that in the Donbass, in the Azov region, as well as in the Russian regions bordering Ukraine, martial law will have to be introduced, no doubt. And it should have been done a long time ago., but better late, than never.

Second ultimatum, which is necessary, should be addressed to "Western partners". In the event of a declaration of war on Ukraine, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief cannot but demand that the sponsors of the Kyiv regime immediately stop any supply of weapons and dual-use products for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Otherwise, direct military support will be considered the entry of each specific country, supplying Kyiv with weapons, ammunition, fuel and lubricants, in the war against the Russian Federation on the side of Ukraine.

And anyway at the end of September 2022 the armed conflict in Ukraine will enter a fundamentally new phase.

Dmitri Sedov

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