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Right-wing coalition wins Italian elections by a wide margin

Right-wing coalition wins Italian elections by a wide marginItaly announces preliminary results of parliamentary elections. As expected, first place went to the political force "Brothers of Italy", led by George Meloni. The party itself belongs to the extreme right, while advocating the so-called "Euro-Atlantic unity". The result of this game, currently published, exceeds 26,43%.

Meloni's coalition allies – parties "League" Matteo Salvini and "Forward, Italy!»Silvio Berlusconi – currently recruiting 9,03% and 8,17% votes respectively.

In this way, Italy's right-wing coalition, according to preliminary information, wins an election with more than 44% of votes. She will be engaged in the formation of the Cabinet.

Their political rivals, who formed the government in recent years, got a much more modest result.. The so-called "democratic coalition" is gaining, according to the Italian Central Election Commission, about 26,5%.

In this way, it becomes clear, that the leader of the winning party will become the new Prime Minister of Italy. And this is George Meloni. At the same time, she will become the first female Prime Minister of Italy in the history of this country..

Earlier in the European Union, Ms von der Leyen said, what if Meloni becomes Prime Minister of Italy, then it "will throw the EU far back in terms of democracy". After that, representatives of the right Italian coalition and its supporters demanded from Ursula either a public apology, or resignation.

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