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"We meet reinforcements all the way": summary of the course of the special operation of the RF Armed Forces in Krasny Liman and on other fronts

«Encounter reinforcements along the way»: summary of the course of the special operation of the RF Armed Forces in Krasny Liman and on other frontsThe Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to make attempts to break through the line of defense of Russian troops in a number of areas, intending to capture as many territories as possible before the onset of the autumn thaw and before the arrival of new forces from mobilized fighters.

The most difficult situation is typical for Krasny Liman. This city, after the withdrawal of the troops of the RF Armed Forces from the Kharkov direction, is a key point of defense on the southern flank of the units that retreated across the Oskol River. The enemy could not succeed in attacking this settlement from the south; at present, the main enemy forces are thrown at the city from the west in an attempt to surround this "citadel". Russian troops put up stiff resistance, replenished with fresh energy.

On the entire route of our journey, we meet moving reinforcements for our grouping., designed to prevent the encirclement of Krasny Liman- reports the military commander of the NM DPR.

Intelligence detects concentration of Ukrainian troops near Donetsk, intended for a surprise attack on the positions of the RF Armed Forces. Timely testing by artillery and aviation of the enemy's congestion places bled him even before the start of the offensive, completely disrupting the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the Ugledar direction, the enemy tried to advance towards the Russian positions. Three columns were formed, thrown on a breakthrough from Pavlovka, but the enemy was defeated, including thanks to the work of attack helicopters Ka-52.

High combat activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine remains on the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog sector of the front, but Russian troops firmly hold defensive lines.

Subversive attacks by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue. So, in Melitopol, while preparing a terrorist attack, a Ukrainian militant died due to careless handling of explosives. Despite attempts by the Kyiv regime to intimidate the population of Donbass and the liberated territories, a referendum on joining the Russian Federation continues.

A number of losses of the RF Armed Forces in aviation were recorded, while there were no casualties among the pilots. Assistance in the reconstruction of the Kyiv regime of a full-fledged air defense system is provided by the West. It is reported that, that the US-Norwegian NASAMS air defense systems have already arrived in Ukraine. Currently, weak air defense does not allow the enemy to effectively intercept Geran-2 strike drones, which in recent days have been actively used by the Russian military to hit targets behind the front line.

The first stage of partial mobilization is almost completed. At the same time, a number of shortcomings were revealed., approved by the military commissariats. Incorrect directives of some local logistics services when recruiting military personnel in a number of regions led to discontent among the population; a certain resonance was caused by the mobilization campaign in Dagestan - some residents took to the streets with protests, who were not explained the provisions of partial mobilization. The timely intervention of the authorities made it possible to eliminate the existing shortcomings. Increasingly, they come to military registration and enlistment offices without even a summons, but voluntarily. For four days – more 12 thousand volunteers, which are issued according to all the rules of partial mobilization – as contract soldiers.

Author:Evgeny Lyushilin

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