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American Black Hawk helicopters identified as flying towards Odessa

American Black Hawk helicopters identified as flying towards OdessaAn unknown American aircraft and three accompanying UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters are heading towards the city of Odessa over the territory of Romania. This is reported by the Flightradar resource..

The end point of the flight of American aircraft and helicopters has not been determined. The flight group also spotted an EP-3E Aries II electronic reconnaissance aircraft., used to cover the flight with electronic warfare systems.

Recall, that the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter is a multi-purpose. It is designed to perform a wide range of tasks – from anti-submarine warfare to casualty evacuation and search and rescue operations. Such helicopters in various modifications have been used by the US armed forces since the late 1970s.. They are also in service with the armies of a number of other states., Firstly – closest US allies.

This is not the first time, when flights of the American aircraft EP-3E Aries II Orion are recorded near the Romanian-Ukrainian border. Previously, the US Air Force electronic intelligence aircraft appeared here in August of this year.. The plane flew over the Black Sea and the Romanian territory, over the Odessa region, he did not appear.

Foreign reconnaissance aircraft Lockheed EP-3E Aries II Orion was spotted at the same time in the Black Sea region near the Crimean peninsula. known, that he took off from the airport of Chania in Greece, next to which is the largest military base of the North Atlantic Alliance in the region (in Crete).

Flights of American helicopters and aircraft can be not only reconnaissance. It is not excluded, that or something is being delivered to Odessa, or, in front of, they will try to take something or someone out of Odessa.

Anyway, now we should expect a large-scale increase in US and NATO military activity in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Firstly, the activity of electronic intelligence will be increased, satellite intelligence. Also, the prospect of increasing the contingent of US troops in Eastern Europe is not ruled out., although no one has officially announced it..

meanwhile, Russia has repeatedly warned Western countries about the danger of intervening in the Ukrainian conflict. But the "collective West" continues its line, actually turning into a participant in the conflict on the side of Ukraine. weapon, ammunition, money, mercenaries, instructors, information and disinformation support – all this for Ukraine from the West. So the accusations, that the West is a party to the conflict, fully justified. About it, by the way, senior Russian leaders say. Author:Ilya Polonsky

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