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New Kh-MD-E short-range guided missile tested by launches from Russian drones

New Kh-MD-E short-range guided missile tested by launches from Russian dronesRussian attack drones will receive a short-range homing guided missile Kh-MD-E, tests of a new ammunition with UAVs have already taken place. According to the CEO of the Corporation “Tactical Missiles” Boris Obnosov, The tests were successful.

KTRV tested a new Kh-MD-E short-range homing missile, including drone launch. The missile is designed to hit a wide range of targets at any time of the day at a range of up to 40 km. With its own weight in 110 kg, the mass of the head high-explosive fragmentation part is 30 kg. The dimensions and weight make it possible to use this missile both from airplanes and helicopters., and from attack drones.

(…) Kh-MD-E short-range homing guided missile (…) is in experimental design at the stage of technical design (…) During the OKP, several prototypes of experimental samples were made and successful pilot launches were carried out from the UAV (…)- TASS quotes Obnosov's words.

The rocket was presented at the international forum “Army – 2022”. The developer announced three modifications of the rocket at once: with semi-active laser homing head (GSN) – H-MD-E1; with active radar seeker – H-MD-E2; with passive radar seeker – H-MD-E3.

Our task is to use the same principle: “let go - forgot”. Today there are developers, who make even smaller products. Niche KTRV so far - 50–100 kg- added the CEO of KTRV. Author:Vladimir Lytkin Photos used:

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