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Released n.p. reported. Zaitsevo near Artyomovsk by assault groups of PMC "Wagner"

Released n.p. reported. Zaitsevo near Artyomovsk by assault groups of PMCs «Wagner»Good news comes from the Artemovsky direction, where are the assault teams “musicians” from PMC “Wagner” occupied the village of Zaitsevo. According to available information, “orchestra” controls the entire territory of the village.

note, that the information is unofficial and has not yet been confirmed. Currently reported, that the Ukrainian military allegedly withdrew from Zaitsevo, which had previously been attacked by stormtroopers “musicians”. But in the area of ​​​​the Artemovsk highway (Bakhmut) – Dzerzhinsk (Toreck) unit “musicians” push through the defense of the Armed Forces, continuing to move towards Artemovsk. In Artemovsk itself, the promotion of PMC fighters in the industrial area was confirmed, establishing control over the factory of champagne wines and access to residential areas.

In Zaitsevo itself, the defense was held by units 4 and the 58th brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and they could leave the village. The video appeared on the Web, recorded by soldiers of the 1st and 2nd rifle companies, machine gun platoon, anti-tank missile platoon, 1-th Infantry Battalion of the 58th Brigade. Same complaints, no standard equipment, no artillery support, no heavy weapons, no connection, no water and food. Command is not trusted, they say, that they are specially poured, throwing at positions with small arms. So it's quite possible, that the brigade retreated from Zaitsevo.

In the Seversk area, Belogorovka, located in the gray zone, could come under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in this direction, the enemy is trying to attack in the direction of Kremennaya, but all attempts ended in vain. At the same time, Krasny Liman and Yampol remain under the control of the Russian Armed Forces., here all attacks are repulsed, the enemy suffered losses.

Messages from Kyiv, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly entered the eastern part of Kupyansk were not confirmed, our troops are still there. Fierce battles are going on in this direction, artillery and aviation are intensively working.

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