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Spain has started training Ukrainian troops on its territory

Spain has started training Ukrainian troops on its territorySpain launched a training program for Ukrainian military personnel. Training is carried out on the territory of Spain in Zaragoza. This is stated in the message of the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

Spain to train 20 Ukrainian servicemen in handling Western weapons, delivered to Ukraine, the Spanish military refuse to reveal more accurate information. Also unknown, how much time will be allotted for training, will other groups be recruited, or will it be limited to these 20 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stretched out their lucky ticket to visit Spain in the midst of hostilities. A group of Ukrainian military has already arrived in Spain, training starts today, ie 19 September.

Spanish troops are training Ukrainian soldiers from this Monday- Spanish Ministry of Defense says.

Earlier in Madrid announced, that they are preparing to launch their own training program for Ukrainian military personnel, similar to the British. But if military instructors from several countries are training more than 10 thousand soldiers for the Armed Forces, then Spain with preparation 20 the soldier somehow does not look.

earlier it was reported, that the curriculum will include medical training, sapper business, tactics, etc.. planned, that the process will use the transport and equipment of the Spanish army, but small arms and other weapons will correspond to that, what does the APU use, ie. something from a family of clones of Kalashnikov assault rifles.

The Spanish Ministry of Defense emphasized, that they have rich experience in training foreign military, Spanish instructors trained Afghan soldiers, Iraq and Mali. Prepared for the army of Ukraine.

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