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Pope: "The West has become a graveyard of mankind"

Pope: «The West has become a graveyard of mankind»According to Pope Francis, Western countries are following the wrong path. They are no longer role models..

This was reported in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera., which contains the statements of the head of the Holy See to journalists immediately after his visit to Kazakhstan.

The West as a whole is not currently a model example… He went down the wrong path, eg, in terms of social justice- considers the pontiff, critical of the state, in which the Western countries are today.

Pope: «The West has become a graveyard of mankind»The Pope also stated, that the West has become the biggest graveyard of mankind. In his opinion, Western countries are in such a state, that they are no longer able to help other peoples. Europe is experiencing very serious demographic problems. Despite this, the migration policy of European states is erroneous.

We need people in Spain, in Italy. Why the West is not pursuing a policy of migrant integration?- Pope Francis is surprised.

The pontiff considers, that it is time for humanity to think about, to make the world, in which it lives, more calm and predictable. According to Pope Francis, countries should strive to revive the "spirit of Helsinki" and establish an inclusive political dialogue.

Earlier, the head of the Holy See stated, that on Earth it is necessary to strengthen the policy of a multipolar world. used photos:The Holy See

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