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Hopak of His Majesty Charles III

Hopak of His Majesty Charles III

The reign of the new king Charles III does not bode well for the lands, of which he became sovereign, neither Russia, nor peace. He is clearly not going to change the Russophobic course, extremely harmful to Britain and other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

While still a prince, Charles (for monarchs in Russian, the German version of the translation of the name is traditionally used, so Charles became Charles, – ca.. order.) many times publicly expressed support for Zelensky's puppet regime, including at their frequent meetings with Ukrainian nationalists from their diaspora, expressed his determination to support those, who opposes the "cruel aggression" of Russia.

Hopak of His Majesty Charles III

A photo: © Danny Lawson/Pool via REUTERS

By this he, certainly, expressed the general position of the royal family. Indeed, in parallel with him, in support of the "Ukrainian people" in the war with the Russian Federation (although a significant part of Ukrainians is in fact in favor of integration with Russia!) Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle performed, as well as Prince William with his wife Kate Middleton. Of course, it was all agreed with the late queen. After all, for the first time, Elizabeth II spoke about the war in Ukraine back in May. 2016 of the year at the opening of a new session of the British Parliament. Then she, albeit with her usual restraint, promised to continue to "support Ukraine". So even if the new king decided to change the course of the countries subject to him in the direction of normalizing relations with Russia, then he would have to go against the will of the old and new generations of his family, and even against their own public statements, which is very hard to imagine.

Interestingly, Prince Charles flirted with the Ukrainian diaspora decades before the “Russian aggression”. Also in 1981 year, he even publicly danced the hopak together with the Ukrainian ensemble “Hoverla” in the English city of Derby. Of course, this can be taken as a curiosity and an accident. However, it should be noted, that at these levels improvisation is extremely rare, besides, at that time, before the proclamation of the so-called independence of Ukraine, there were only 10 years, and this gesture was useful to Buckingham Palace to attract the sympathy of Ukrainian nationalists. It was also useful for the gradual preparation for this event of public opinion in the Commonwealth of Nations., ruled by English monarchs. Gopak of the prince, as it were, showed the British, that there is a separate Ukrainian people in the world, and that even the prince maintains his identity: later the royal media reinforced this line. And then Canada, whose queen was Elizabeth II, the first of the Western countries to recognize this very "independence" of Ukraine.

So gopak prince, of course, may be random, but too many such random gestures were observed during the collapse of the USSR and in subsequent wars between its parts, in the organization of which Britain and its satellites played a significant role…

Part of Russian society mistakenly believes, that English monarchs "reign, but they don't», and therefore, breakwater, their will means almost nothing, and we must look at the squabble of parties and the elections, not at the gestures of kings. But in reality, kings have enormous powers., that, even if they have not been used for a long time, serve as the strongest levers of pressure. They have power structures in their hands, gigantic capitals, mass media, and much more.

Farewell to the mother of Charles III once again shows the huge political weight of the British royal family. At the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II 19 September will arrive around 500 top officials from around the world. maybe, this funeral will be the most representative gathering of heads of state and other VIPs in the known history of mankind.

At the same time, ex-President Trump was not allowed to the body of the mistress, although he is even a distant relative of the late queen (almost all US presidents are related to the British royal family - American democracy is just a spectacle, in which there are no people, and the well-born and wealthy nobility chooses their representatives for this role). tramp, albeit acting within the framework of the globalist system, made timid, very timid steps to return to traditional values, to normalize relations with Russia, but this alone clearly aroused the wrath of this leftist dynasty. Even the systemic Trump turned out to be too right for the new “King Egalite”…

Hopak of His Majesty Charles III

A photo: © Global Look Press/I-Images/

of course, the heads of some countries were not invited to the funeral of the queen, who Britain declared "enemies". Among them are Russia and Belarus. Interesting, that the leadership of Myanmar was also blacklisted. Patriotic military took over this former British colony a few years ago., they prevent foreign corporations from plundering their country. Furthermore, they rudely pinched “LGBT activists” in the service of the Crown – such a "civilized world" and a revolutionary royal dynasty cannot forgive…

But US President Biden obedient to the globalists, of course, invited to the funeral. is he, barely hearing about the queen's death, immediately rushed to the British Embassy to express condolences. And then this head of the richest and most powerful country in the world issued an order, according to which flags over the White House and other US government agencies, as well as American diplomatic missions and military bases abroad will remain at half-mast “before sunset on the day of burial” Foreign Queen Elizabeth II.

Hopak of His Majesty Charles III

A photo: © Global Look Press/Chris Kleponis – Pool via CNP/Keystone Press Agency

The impression, that it is not in vain that a number of analysts express the opinion that, that the UK is not a satellite of the US, and vice versa - in the White House they carry out the orders of Buckingham Palace. Anyway, now this opinion is massively expressed in social networks and ordinary Americans, claiming, that the English Crown managed to secretly annul the US Declaration of Independence, and Biden was a secret subject of the queen. Laugh laugh, but that's how he behaves…

Yes, now to reign, not edit", starts a new "just a character" – King Charles III. And the reign of this "disenfranchised" symbol "begins with encouraging messages, of the type featured recently in the British newspaper The Guardian.“The son of the deceased Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain Charles III will not pay a 40% tax on the inheritance of the royal family. The corresponding amendment was agreed upon in 1993 year, and she exempts the new king from paying tax in 40% with property worth more than 325 thousand pounds, which applies to all other residents of the United Kingdom.The property of the royal family is valued at 15,2 billion pounds (although some sources call many times large amounts - approx.. I.D.)»

by the way, "disenfranchised" English kings are not only not required to pay conventional taxes, they are not only seriously financed from the state budget, but they do not even consider it necessary to have passports and driver's licenses. That is, British monarchs do not belong to the system of state accounting and control, binding on their subjects, and only they themselves know the exact size of their astronomical condition...

Hopak of His Majesty Charles III

A photo: © Global Look Press/IMAGO/Brian Tonks

Also, the new king "bent" his country, forcing the state to hold mourning events for entire 18 days (!), which is much longer, than mourning for any dictators, although it, according to experts, will cost the budget and private companies a round sum, up to 6 billion. pounds.

One of the main figures at the funeral performance will be made President Zelensky in defiance of Russia, whom, naturally, also invited to the funeral in England. While he practiced honoring the body of one of his superiors at the British Ambassador's residence in Kyiv. There, the former KVN-schik again played the role of a stern warrior, so I came to lay flowers in camouflage - you see, feared a bullet from a Muscovite sniper, settled in the English mission, and tried to merge with the white and pink walls of the British embassy there ... Alas, he succeeds in comic roles much better than tragic ones - the sad show did not work out, he did not cause sobs and trembling, only smiles…

However, smiles over this political circus are also inappropriate - not the situation. And the position of some Orthodox Russian monarchists looks rather strange., that, although they position themselves as patriots of Russia, but now they glorify this dynasty of the worst enemies of Russia, long sided with globalization and supported all kinds of revolutions - from social to drug and sexual. They praise the reign of the late queen simply for, that she is a queen. Such persons should more often recall the words of the Russian Saint Joseph Volotsky, who called for a penny not to put kings, "inclining to wickedness and deceit".

But quite naturally, that one of the most heartfelt obituaries for the deceased queen and the most touching picture of her was placed in the media "LGBT warriors of Ukraine", who were on a grant from the Embassy of Her Majesty in Kyiv:

"Our tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, ally, who has been involved in great political and cultural progress for LGBTQ+ people from the legalization of homosexuality to same-sex marriage, adoption of anti-discrimination laws and much more.We are forever grateful to the UK as a strong partner, who supported Ukraine in its darkest hour, during the war. Our military-political alliance – historical moment of creating a powerful bond between our peoples.We will defend peace and European values ​​together, shoulder to shoulder, keeping the words of Her Majesty in my heart".

Hopak of His Majesty Charles III

A photo: © Video Screenshot

These same organizations express loyal support for the new king, so his reign promises to be even more idiosyncratic...

Igor Druz

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