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Russian University of Spetsnaz launches UAV Pilot Training Course

Friends, 3 October at the Russian University of Spetsnaz starts a course for the training of pilots-operators of UAVs. Training is available to everyone.

After completing the courses, specialists will be able to apply the acquired skills for civilian purposes, covering many areas of life. Among them: building, object inspection, rescue operations, liquidation of consequences of technogenic accidents and natural disasters, aerial photography of the area, Agriculture, cargo delivery, ecology, wildlife observation, cinematography, sports, journalism, entertainment and more.

RUS instructors will train servicemen and employees of law enforcement agencies to competently carry out guidance and adjustment of artillery work, detect the location and movement of the enemy, provide air patrols of their positions, accompany the columns of equipment, conduct route reconnaissance, take aerial surveys to create maps of the area with high detail, transport various goods, interact with assault groups in combat contact conditions, at a distance of up to 5 km.

UAV Pilot Training Program – this is one of the promising directions, which is rapidly developing in the modern world. The legislation of the Russian Federation allows for joint training for everyone, regardless of profession and type of activity.

The group will consist of 6 human. The program is designed for 14 days. The training course provides for the use of three types of flagship drones from DJI, classes are conducted by experienced instructors RUS. To enroll in a course, please contact us at: +7995-805-80-80



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