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US Biological Targets Against Russia Are Changing

US Biological Targets Against Russia Are Changing

Chief of the Radiation Troops, Chemical and biological protection (RXBZ) RF Igor Kirillov said, that the main object of the US military biological activity is Russia. According to General, more oriented against it 50 of 336 American biolaboratories. This is bigger, than against any other country. In total, the United States conducts military biological activity against 30 countries in the world.

Lately, according to Igor Kirillov, Americans have begun to reformat their activities. So, laboratories in the Central Asian region were transferred to the subordination of civil specialized organizations. Military biological programs, which were implemented in Ukraine, transferred to laboratories in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Baltic countries. In general, the coordination of programs was transferred to the US Navy., which is considered the most closed American structure. In this regard, various versions of the reasons are expressed., through which these changes occur..

Of all of them, the following seems to be the most logical.. The US military biological program is the longest and largest in world history.. Its origins date back to the colonization of the New World.. Then the European settlers, faced with massive resistance from the Indians, brought infectious diseases to America, characteristic of the Old World. Indians, unlike the Europeans, no immunity to these infectious diseases. Consequently, more 95 percent of the native inhabitants of the New World died. The territory of the Western Hemisphere was "cleared" for the conquerors. The colonialists began to massively import Africans as slaves. America became the international center of slavery, and the West began to dominate the world.

The effectiveness of this method of colonization was especially appreciated by the Anglo-Saxons.. They began to resort to him in the future..

US Biological Targets Against Russia Are Changing

A photo: © Wikipedia/Johann Moritz Rugendas

On the territory of the modern United States, the first documented case of the use of bioweapons for military purposes was recorded.. AT 1763 year, the British military deliberately sent Indians to the camp, besieging Fort Pitt, blankets, infected with smallpox. This practice has since been improved.. Finally, the moment has come, when the Anglo-Saxons decided to spread it to the whole world.

AT 1918 The US Department of Defense Chemical Service launched a program to develop bacteriological and toxin weapons., intended for use all over the planet. The participants of this project were the National Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Office of Health, Office of the Chief of the Military Medical Service, Naval Medical Directorate, U.S. Army Ordnance and Intelligence Service.

TO 1940 year, the States became the owners of the largest arsenal of toxic substances, based on plant and bacterial toxins. At the same time, the Americans had the first plans for a worldwide biological war..

In May 1944 the United States developed a plan for organizing biological warfare in Europe. American industry received an order for the production of a million bombs, equipped with anthrax. At the same time, Fort Detrick laboratories developed a means of dispersing botulinum toxin.. These and other bioagents were supposed to dot the entire territory of Europe, and not only occupied by the Wehrmacht, but also the Red Army.

In August 1945 US President approves plan for germ warfare in East Asia. It was supposed to be put into operation immediately after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.. And again, a bacteriological attack was planned not only against the Japanese Imperial Army, but also the Red Army.

During the Korean War 1950–1953. another plan for conducting biological warfare was prepared - this time purposefully against the USSR and China. The plan was even partly put into action..

US Biological Targets Against Russia Are Changing

A photo: © Consequences of the American occupation of Korea, 6 June 1951 g. TASS

At the same time, the US authorities came to the conclusion that it was necessary to develop a genetic weapon., ie. viruses, which will purposefully hit on a specific ethnic group or group of ethnic groups. Exactly the same, as it was already during the colonization of the New World. To do this, it was necessary to establish a system for the constant collection of biomaterials and conduct experiments outside the United States..

To this end, the Pentagon has begun to form an international network of biolaboratories. The first thing the United States began to oversee the British program to create bioweapons. In fact, it has become an addition to the US program. Further, laboratories in Japan came under American control., France and West Germany. Finally, States have expanded their network to other regions of the world.

We can observe the result of this activity today..

With the help of the COVID-19 pandemic, the masters of the West managed to bring down the global economy. Thus, they showed their ability to destabilize the world., put humanity on the brink of survival. Western pharmaceutical companies made fabulous profits.

At the same time, the main goal of the US military biological program has not been achieved.. The Americans have not yet managed to create a genetic weapon. One of the main obstacles is, that there are no “pure” nations in the world today. The gene pool of every nation is too mixed. And how to solve this problem, Americans clearly don't know yet.

Therefore, plans for the destruction of part of humanity, capable of independent thinking, and replacing it with slaves is still being postponed. The masters of the West have to rebuild. Military biological projects against Russia temporarily put on pause.

Yuri Gorodnenko

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