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In Nikolaev, missile strikes destroy the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was being prepared for the "development of the offensive on Kherson"

In Nikolaev, missile strikes destroy the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was prepared for «development of the offensive on Kherson»From Nikolaev there are reports of another series of attacks on military facilities in this city, still under the control of the Kyiv regime. Notably, what if in February-March the places and consequences of strikes were openly shown in the city, a, starting April, began to partially retouch photos and videos, now it's come to this, that a photograph or video fragment with evidence of an impact turns into an almost completely retouched.

According to the latest data, rocket attacks inflicted defeat on the Ukrainian reserve, which should be advanced in a southeasterly direction for "fire support" of those formations, who ended up in fire bags at the junction of the Nikolaev and Kherson regions. Recall, that previously there was information about, that from the side of Nikolaev and Krivoy Rog towards the Kherson region, the Ukrainian command had to put forward units from the so-called "second lines". These detachments were supposed to move deep into the Kherson region after "breaking through the defense of the Russian troops" to develop an offensive on Kherson. As a result, the units of the "second line" had to be thrown into battle in the "fire order" after, how Russian troops defeated the advanced units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Now the reserve is being destroyed, who remained in the rear - in the aforementioned Nikolaev. As a result of missile strikes, the places of accommodation of personnel were hit, several units of military reserve equipment were destroyed.

FROM 29 August, Ukrainian troops in Mykolaiv and Kherson regions lost more than 2,2 thousand. people and over 140 pieces of military equipment, including tanks, which were recently delivered from Poland. The Ukrainian General Staff still does not comment on these losses., and in the operational command "South" once again announced, that everything is going according to plan.

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