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Ukrainian military expert: The situation at the front has changed not in favor of Ukraine

Ukrainian military expert: The situation at the front has changed not in favor of UkraineIn the conditions of a severe information vacuum about what is happening in the Kherson and Nikolaev regions on Ukrainian TV, they are trying to reflect on the topic of, what is the current situation for Ukrainian troops on various fronts. To do this, on the air of one of the Ukrainian channels, in the program "Right to Power", Oleg Zhdanov, one of the regulars of Ukrainian broadcasts, was brought online. He is called a military expert in the Ukrainian media.

Zhdanov's words clearly did not inspire the radical part of the Ukrainian audience. Without speaking directly about the failure of the "counteroffensive on Kherson", Zhdanov stated that, that the situation at the front has changed, and not in favor of Ukraine.

According to military expert, which is so fond of referring to in Ukraine itself, extremely difficult situation in literally all directions.


Armed Forces of Ukraine may strike at Kharkiv, Donetsk, Zaporozhye directions. But it will all be very hard.. Near Kharkov we pushed them back (Russian troops) to the border, and now they're back. Near the Western Military District. It will be very difficult. According to Zhdanov, the Ukrainian army can no longer "push" the Russian Armed Forces to the border.

Zhdanov added, which is extremely difficult for Ukrainian troops and west of Donetsk, including Codema.

Ukrainian expert:

One could talk about the prospects of the Zaporozhye direction for us. But the appearance of the 3rd army corps of the enemy is expected there. They will try to equalize positions. Zhdanov said, that the RF Armed Forces “can create the illusion of a massive offensive, so that we pull our troops from south to north ".


It is difficult for our troops to fight in these three directions. Not enough artillery, nor an armored car, no aviation.Thus, human, who in the "square" is called a military expert, speaks directly to, that in fact any attempt at a relatively large offensive by Ukrainian troops in one of the directions may lead to the need to urgently “patch holes” in the other direction, which is extremely problematic for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the current situation.

Recall, that Ukrainian officials had previously planned a turning point in hostilities for August. And then came September.

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