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Representative of the command "South" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: The enemy continues to resist on the southern front, but everything goes according to plan

Command representative «South» VSU: The enemy continues to resist on the southern front, but everything goes according to planDestroyed APU tank

While our military correspondents daily convey an objective picture of what is happening on the line of contact, an information vacuum has developed in the Ukrainian mass media due to the ban on the publication of data on hostilities. fill the vacuum, of course for propaganda purposes, representatives of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying. The head of the joint press center of the Security and Defense Forces "South" Natalya Gumenyuk said on the air of the telethon, that the armed forces of Ukraine "continue to work in the southern sectors of the front", and Russian troops "continue to resist".

Silent, that not a single attempt at a counteroffensive in the Kherson direction was successful, and leads only to large-scale losses in manpower and equipment of the Ukrainian army, Gumenyuk explained the new strategy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to her,, now the task of destroying the transport communications of the Russian army is being solved, to deprive her of the opportunity to pull up reserves.

We dealt additional blows to those transport arteries, which could be a way to transport weapons and heavy equipment. Therefore, they are not yet travel cards for this category of cargo, the representative of the Ukrainian command stated categorically, adding, that this work is “now the main focus”.

true, her next words somehow do not really fit with the bravado about the imminent defeat of the RF Armed Forces in the southern direction. Gumenyuk, in the usual misunderstanding of a person far from military affairs (she previously worked in journalism), reported, like the Russian army ... successfully uses the tactics of defeating military targets behind enemy lines.

They (Russian Armed Forces) trying to inflict air and missile strikes, as was done that night along the Bereznegovatskaya community (former Bereznegovatsky district in the east of the Nikolaev region) and in the Odessa region - said Gumenyuk, did not explain, What does the word "try" mean to her?.

Representative of OK "South", acting as speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has already become famous for its rather original interpretations of events, happening at the front. Previously, she voiced her version of that, what an offensive looks like in a modern war.

If everyone expected, that it will be the rise of the army and the march through the steppes of the Kherson region, then it's in vain. Because in the conditions of modern warfare, the counteroffensive looks different. This is basically the depletion of the enemy’s forces - either she came up with it on the go, either Gumenyuk performed with homework in the next telethon.

Commenting on the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation that, that the counter-offensive launched a few days ago in southern Ukraine “failed miserably”, the speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not find anything better, what to do with wordplay, stated:

They crackled so much, that they mistook their crack for ours, probably, and therefore did not understand the current state of affairs. Everything will be shown by time and our endurance. Judging by the objective data from the southern direction of the front, so far, time and endurance only lead to continuous failures of local attempts to counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and huge losses. Especially for the eloquent Gumenyuk, we can offer a new name for such tactics of conducting offensive operations - for example, call it "Kamikaze Tactics". Author:Alexander Grigoriev

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