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The breakdown of a Polish-made tank forced the command of the Malaysian army to apologize to the citizens

The breakdown of a Polish-made tank forced the command of the Malaysian army to apologize to the citizensThe Malaysian Armed Forces apologized to the public after, how a tank and an armored tractor of the ground forces broke down right on the road for two days in a row and blocked the movement of civilian vehicles for several hours.

The first incident happened on Friday. Tank PT-91M Twardy stalled on the road near the country's parliament building. A large traffic jam formed around the tank, as military and police cars tried to bypass it. After some time, the tank was towed with the help of special equipment to the workshops of the military unit..

However, less than a day later, a second similar incident occurred - this time with an armored tractor., which is used to transport heavy weapons. It broke down on a busy street in downtown Kuala Lumpur, near the National Museum of Malaysia.

A large number of onlookers immediately gathered around the broken tractor, began to stretch and traffic jam. Military repairmen arrived at the scene, who managed to fix the car. The tractor moved on, a 31 august and tractor, and a Polish-made tank will take part in the military parade in honor of Malaysian Independence Day. The ability of this vehicle to pass through the main square of the capital of the country without problems now raises questions.

Users have ridiculed on social networks regarding the quality of military equipment used in the Malaysian army. This forced the military to make a public apology.. In future, if these situations happen again, command assured, A special rescue team will be sent to the scene immediately.. Its main task will be the prompt towing of broken equipment., so that it does not create congestion on roads with heavy traffic.

Nevertheless, some social media users are wondering about the quality and technique, and maintenance work in the Malaysian armed forces.

Singapore needs tanks to protect its roads, and in Malaysia, roads can defeat tanks- wrote a well-known comedian in Malaysia Jason Long in the social network.

Polish manufacturers have not yet responded to the incident with a Polish-made tank. Author:Ilya Polonsky Photos used:Wikipedia / Good

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