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The frightened Polish crow is afraid of the German bush

The frightened Polish crow is afraid of the German bush

Back in the 18th century, internal Polish unrest under the slogan of freedom of the gentry brought Poland to the partition between neighboring Austria and Prussia.. Russia then regained the lands with the Russian population, occupied by the Poles during several collapses of our country. true, in the 19th century, Prussia handed over part of the Polish lands to Russia.

In the 20th century, Poland became so intrigued with a united Germany, that she captured her again, and we returned the land, conquered by Poland 1920 year. But in 1945, we generously cut Poland a considerable territory with a predominantly German population, including two thirds of East Prussia. Now the Poles are playing again and are afraid for the fate of our gifts.

17 August, the head of the National Bank of Poland, Glapinski, said, that Germany intends to restore all its pre-war greatness: “If earlier it was about the merger of the German states or the absorption of the GDR, that is, the former Soviet occupation zone, then from the moment this task is completed - about the return in one form or another of their former lands, currently within Polish borders”.

I remind you in plain text: Poland itself is now trying to take control of a significant share of South Russian (and if you're lucky, then Western Russian) land, once captured by her. Most criminals have a bad imagination, and they accuse others of just that, what have they already done, whether they intend to do it in the near future.

The frightened Polish crow is afraid of the German bush

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I remind you in plain text: the Poles oppressed the Russians in the territories under their control so ferociously, like the Germans in the 19th century or in the colonies, never dreamed in Poland. And the Poles evicted the Germans from the regions donated by us in an unorganized manner and with things, as we are from our third of East Prussia, but in the order of allegedly spontaneous robbery with massacres.

Since then, the Poles have something to fear. I assure you in plain text: if the Germans perceive Glapinski's suggestion as a proposal, I personally wouldn't be surprised. AND, perhaps, don't get too upset.

Anatoly Wasserman

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