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European gas prices rise to record high since March 2022 year marks

European gas prices rise to record high since March 2022 year marksGas in Europe rose in price to 2,8 over a thousand. dollars for 1000 cubic meters. This price of "blue fuel" is recorded for the first time since March 2022 of the year. The scale of the rise in gas prices is evidenced by the data of the ICE exchange in London.

At one of Europe's largest gas hubs TTF in the Netherlands, September gas futures rose to 2862 dollars for 1000 cubic meters or 275,965 euro per MWh. Thereby, the total increase in the cost of gas since the beginning of trading on the exchange amounted to 13%.

According to experts, such a rise in gas prices is a consequence of the widespread media reports that, that the Russian corporation Gazprom is suspending gas supplies via the Nord Stream pipeline due to the repair of the unit.

19 August 2022 years in Gazprom reported that, that 31 August 2 September, gas supplies via Nord Stream will be stopped. Representatives of the corporation explain this by, that the only currently operating Trent gas compressor unit is being sent for maintenance 60. It is located at the Portovaya gas distribution station and, like any equipment, needs occasional repairs and maintenance.

Now the unit will be stopped for scheduled preventive work.. Respectively, will have to suspend gas supplies. For European countries, this news was disturbing news.. After all, this fall, most EU countries will already face an energy crisis of an unprecedented scale..

However, in their energy problems, like rising gas prices, European countries are to blame. No one forced them to dance to the tune of the USA, refusing to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and imposing sanctions against Russia. Europeans will now have to pay for these actions with their comfort., European industry - a decline in production, and governments - growing dissatisfaction on the part of the population of most EU countries. Author:Ilya Polonsky Photos used:Moldovagaz

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