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Nazi calendar of Ukraine

Nazi calendar of Ukraine

Society has a complex structure. This design is shaped by a million different factors.. factors, which the average layman most often simply does not notice. He can pay attention to sugar deficiency, on a rolling blackout of water or light, to a occupied parking space, but the release of another Russophobic cinematic “masterpiece” or the opening of a xenophobic exhibition is ignored by the layman or it seems insignificant to him.

This philistine feature is actively used by crooked politicians and various marginal crooks., amassing their capital, playing thimbles with the people. Here is Dmitry Yarosh, and Mustafa Nayem, and Savik Shuster, etc.. d.

All the "minor little things" slowly, brick by brick, build a society, set the vector of its development. And almost imperceptibly to the layman, concerned about the presence of three hundred varieties of sausage in the nearest storage, Maidans suddenly begin to blaze, and seemingly normal people put a saucepan on top of their heads.

One of the powerful tools in cobbled together the way citizens perceive reality that certain groups need is such a banal thing, like a calendar, simple calendar. With all the raid of bureaucracy, one should not underestimate its strength. by the way, that is why our homegrown Westerners sleep and see, how to remove victory day, and stuff the rest of the days with various reasons to “pay and repent”.

But for now, thank God, our "liberals" are periodically slapped for such initiatives and asked to go on an intimate journey on foot. But in Ukraine, the calendar was spread out to the delight of any European and American.

Nazi calendar of Ukraine

Bandera calendar 2011 of the year

Long before the Maidan, at 2011 year, in Western Ukraine, a specific samizdat calendar was actively distributed, nicknamed Bandera. The heroes of this calendar were Ukrainian Nazis, hanging "Muscovites" and using "Kids" as a scarecrow in their own garden. And Bandera's birthdays became all-Ukrainian red days, Konovalets and Shukhevych. The scandal turned out to be prophetic, But first things first.

Whatever celebration, then the commemoration...

It seems now, what a surge of anniversaries, sharply affirming the anti-Russian course of Ukraine, associated exclusively with the Maidan, but this is completely untrue. Still far away 1998 In 1998, by decree of Leonid Kuchma, the "Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holodomor" was approved. it seems, two American officials "on contract" could not even think, what a perverted fetish their historical construct will turn into, composed at the behest of Washington.

Indeed, Virtually all Ukrainian presidents traded in the "tragic famine", and some twice. The same Kuchma, scratching the back of your head, already in 2000 established a new name for this political celebration - the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holodomor and Political Repressions. But in 2007 year already Viktor Yushchenko decided, that one reason for cultivating the image of an eternal victim in Ukraine is not enough, therefore, he divided the “holiday” into two blocks of commemoration - separately for the victims of the Holodomor, separately for victims of repression.

Holodomor monuments opened more frequently in Ukraine, than Kyiv metro stations. Memorial to the "Victims of the Holodomor" opened in Kyiv, in Kharkov, in Obukhove, in Vyshgorod. The entire National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide was opened. Made movies and series, issued commemorative coins and stamps. The only thing missing was caps with the inscription "Holodomor". So big by the dead, probably, have not yet traded in any country in the world.

Nazi calendar of Ukraine

Memorial to the "Victims of the Holodomor" in Kyiv

The greatest success in this cannibalistic field was achieved by, of course, Viktor Yushchenko. Holodomor was Yushchenko's second most popular fetish after collecting Trypillia pots.

But, I apologize for the involuntary black humor, You won't be fed up with one famine, but it is necessary to kick Ukraine in the "right" direction. The same Kuchma in the late 90s establishes the Day of Unity, dedicated to the unification of the UNR and ZUNR. And again this "holiday" is met in shades of mourning ribbons, t. to. the association lasted a few months and was, as they say today, merged by Petliura appointed as a hero.

AT 2003 year introduced another "holiday", the very name of which now does not even sound ironic, but sarcastic sarcasm. This "holiday" is Europe Day.

Even Independence Day was served this way, that without a shroud somehow did not work. In addition to howling "not yet dead", true patriots of Ukraine, and on this “bright” holiday, got a mouthful of saliva and spat towards the East until they were completely dehydrated. The result of such a crippled manner of pastime could have been predicted even then., but, Alas…

Every Nazi on a calendar day!

Of course, the introduction of new "celebrations" before the Maidan can be considered a prelude, such foreplay before the unnatural act of love between the authorities and the people. But after gaining "guidance", the new old elites dispersed in all their breadth.

To begin with, we decided to clean up the calendar from the blasphemous Soviet-Russian holidays, so that they do not have a pernicious influence on the Ukrainian electorate only by their presence, not yet reached, according to official Kyiv, racial purity. In the year of the victory of the Maidan, Petro Poroshenko signed a decree, according to which the celebration of Defender of the Fatherland Day is canceled 23 February. Instead of the legendary holiday, Poroshenko established the Day of Defenders of Ukraine, celebrated 14 October.

To justify the choice of this particular date, Kyiv drew a rather crooked parallel with the celebration 14 October Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos. However, Nazi overtones immediately came out.. The thing is, what 14 October is the formal date of foundation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA is an organization banned in Russia). properly, it wasn't even hidden. The president himself posted a tweet, what 14 October is "saint for the UPA".

Nazi calendar of Ukraine

Day of Defenders of Ukraine. "Warriors of Light" against the background of a photograph of Simon Petliura - an anti-Semite, organizer of pogroms and war criminal

And in 2015 year after a series of garbage lustrations and the complete annihilation of any alternative or simply competing political forces, which were already few, Poroshenko signed the law "On the legal status and honoring the memory of the fighters for the independence of Ukraine in the twentieth century". In fact, this had the effect of destroying the dam. Hundreds of politicians, carving out their careers and a successful economic future, rushed vying to offer more and more new "celebrations". This red-black party was attended as Kyiv officials, and provincial leaders.

AT 2018 year, the Verkhovna Rada recognized the birthday of Stepan Bandera as an official public holiday, and the deputies of the Lviv Regional Council even proclaimed 2019 the year of Bandera. by the way, in the same Lviv, "Shukhevych-fest" is held, bloody carnival, coinciding in dates with wild Jewish pogroms 1941 of the year.

But these memorable dates of rural cannibals are just the tip of the iceberg.. They recorded the central faces of Ukrainian Nazis like Melnyk, Konovalets and others. However, the longer the miserable Ukrainian circus continues, the more late Nazi degenerates received their personal triumph.

AT 2019 year, already under the "Russian-speaking peacemaker" and "Jew" Vladimir Zelensky, the number of honored Nazis has reached simply pantagruelian proportions. Kirill Osmak got his days of "celebration" (member of the OUN - an organization banned in Russia) and Vasyl Sydor (member of the punitive battalion "Nachtigal"), Vladimir Kubiyovych (collaborator and initiator of the creation of the SS division "Galicia") and Yaroslav Starukh (Nazi propagandist and organizer of Jewish pogroms), Vasyl Galasa (organizer of Jewish pogroms in the Ternopil region) and Ivan Poltavets-Ostryanitsa (collaborator, directly associated with NSDAP ideologue Alfred Rosenberg).

Nazi calendar of Ukraine

Lviv pogrom. Pay attention to the "merry fellow" in vyshyvanka, who truly enjoys violence. May be, he is also now a "hero" of Ukraine

Ukrainians should also shed yellow-black tears according to Ulas Samchuk (editor of the Nazi newspaper "Volyn" and an ardent anti-Semite and Russophobe) and Yuri Lipa (ideologue of Ukrainian Nazism, racist, calling "the ejaculation of every Ukrainian a treasure of the state"), Vasyl Levkovich (Commandant of the Schutzmannschaft in Dubno) and Oleksandr Vyshnivskyi (one of the founders of the SS "Galicia").

This is the true range! Not all researchers of the phenomenon of Ukrainian collaborationism will immediately recall the names of the above-described “heroes”. Where is the potter, who, at the zenith of his activity, could only talk stubbornly about the "reconciliation" of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and moth-eaten veterans of the UPA. Moreover, the last, being in senility, they don't remember anymore, who and where they knocked: in the UPA against the communists, in the NKVD on Bandera or in the Gestapo on everyone. Poroshenko and Zelensky so decorated the calendar, that only such freaky characters like Sobchak can still grind something with their tongues in the style of “where did you see Nazism in Ukraine”.

Ancient ukry on guard of statehood!

Our "non-brothers" would not be themselves, if we had not begun to plunge into the depths of history again. Of course, not that deep, on which their venerable ancestors dug the Black Sea, but sufficient, to get into trouble in the eyes of educated people.

AT 2018 year, the citizens of Ukraine were again stubbornly wrapped in black and shedding tears. Celebrated the 310th anniversary of the so-called Baturin massacre. According to official Kyiv, at 1708 year, the evil Russians captured the capital of Peter Mazepa's favorite Baturin and killed all its inhabitants. As part of the next "triumph", Ukrainian TV channels were full of headlines like "Peter's revenge", "crime against the Ukrainian people", etc.. d.

As part of the on-duty folk crying, Kyiv did not even want to mention in passing, that by that time Mazepa had already seized the treasury and wandered around Eastern Europe in the company of the Swedish king Charles. It was Mazepa who helpfully invited him to Ukraine and provided his own capital specifically for this., where the enemy Russian army of the Swedes could replenish supplies of provisions, rest and with renewed vigor attack the Russian army of Peter the Great.

In response to this "friendly and humane" step, Peter, for a reason incomprehensible to modern Svidomo, sent a detachment under the command of Alexander Menshikov to take Baturin. Menshikov first offered the Baturin garrison to lay down their arms, but got rejected. As a result, Baturin fell, was ruined, and the garrison was killed.

The burning of the fortress was due to the rapid approach of a powerful Swedish army., outnumbering Menshikov's mobile forces. After the assault, Alexander Danilovich simply would not have had time to restore the fortifications and would have found himself alone with Karl. And here comes the question, did Menshikov have time to chase some villagers? Unlikely. Were there civilians injured?? Of course. But is this "massacre"?

Nazi calendar of Ukraine

Order of Judas, made by order of Peter the Great in one copy for Hetman Mazepa

Having become adept at “black PR”, Europeans, at the suggestion of Mazepa, began to paint the gloomy appearance of Peter as a tyrant. They had a lot of experience, and therefore the modern Kyiv authorities simply picked up the old narratives.

Especially colorful against this background of rampant mourning for Baturin is the glorification of Maxim Zheleznyak, who led the Gaidamaks in the uprising 1768 of the year. This particular character also got their own calendar date. But it was Zheleznyak who led the infamous Uman massacre, when the Gaidamaks, who fell into madness, killed the entire population of Uman. The Jews especially got it - they were cut down, pricked, wheeled and quartered, including infants.

by the way, Zheleznyak was eventually captured by Russian troops and, despite his war with the Commonwealth (enemy of Russia), sent to jail. No one gave him permission to wage war with the spread of rumors about the permission of Empress Catherine II to do so., and no one wanted to get dirty with such an "ally".

According to the Hamburg account in Ukraine, the calendar itself should be produced exclusively in black color. Every year, citizens should celebrate the Day of Remembrance of the victims of the genocide of the Crimean Tatar people and the Day of struggle for the rights of the Crimean Tatars; Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, dedicated to the victims of World War II (European ersatz Victory Day); Day of the heroes of the "Heavenly Hundred"; Day of Remembrance of the "Heroes of Kruty"; Day of mourning for the deportation of Ukrainians 1944–1951 (deportation of collaborators) and so on. d.

Indeed, very soon, the only relatively fun event without the need for a wake will be the standard European gay pride parade. The cult of the victim, blood and corpses, started with the "Holodomor", received an unusually vigorous development. And one can only guess, what should, from the point of view of the Kyiv authorities, gurgle in the skulls of Ukrainian patriots after such a "calendar" processing.

But in the Donbass it’s different…

Donbass has always been not just a headache for the nationalist West of Ukraine, but a real alternative to the corpse cult of official Kyiv. The war has become only a materialized part of this mental and ideological confrontation.

Banderists have never been honored in Donbass, they didn’t shed tears for any “heroes” of Kruty, and they certainly weren’t going to celebrate the “day of mourning for the deportees”. In these parts they remember well, how collaborators brutally cracked down on party workers and ordinary teachers after the war, sent from the Donbass to the West to help restore the region once occupied by the Nazis.

Not uncommon, of course, there were also skirmishes with visiting "patriots", wishing to guide the "true" and racially correct misguided miners. Sometimes it even took legal forms.. So, in 2010-2011, the Donetsk District Administrative Court deprived the title of "Hero of Ukraine" of the most holy people for modern Ukraine - Bandera and Shukhevych. Of course, not without the political games of Yanukovych and other companies, but the place was chosen for a reason. Could the court of Kyiv or Lvov make such a decision? doubtfully.

of course, Donbass celebrated all Soviet holidays, while Ukraine politicized and nationalized the calendar. But let's digress from politics and get back to the people. While, when Lvov founded the festival, dedicated to Nazi Shukhevych, and Saakashvili set up a “marriage hut” in front of the Odessa regional administration, thus marking another victory of the farm over the city, Another holiday appeared in the Donbass - "Miner's Games". Appeared during the war!

Nazi calendar of Ukraine

"Miner Games"

On the eve of Miner's Day (last Sunday of August) in Sverdlovsk (LNR) conduct a kind of "sports and industrial" competitions. Mining teams from different mine administrations (THAT'S it) compete in loading trolleys with crushed stone, edging the drum, railroad assembly and disassembly, assembly of the scraper chain on the conveyor pans and other "disciplines". Last year, six teams from the Sverdlovsk school took part, SHU "Krasnopartizanskoe", SHU "Krasnodonskoe", ShU "Rovenkivske", School "Luganskoe" and School "Yasenovskoe".

This is an absolutely peaceful Labor Day., but how contrasting it looks against the background of the "holiday" days of Ukraine, from which breathes a cadaverous stench. symbolically. An apolitical holiday involuntarily establishes the triumph of industry over the nationalist farmstead with its grave chill..

Passion, joyful smiles of fans, august sun. There's even room for a joke. So, the winner receives a challenge cup and cash prizes, and an outsider ... a "wooden sledgehammer" as a reminder, what is there to strive for.

Well, no originality.!

It is a mistake to consider the mourning-Nazi calendar of Ukraine as something original. The method of planting xenophobic sentiments through the creation of a kind of calendar cannibalism is the same in almost all countries of the former Soviet Union along the perimeter of Russia.

In Lithuania, the Day of Remembrance of the "victims" of January is wrapped in black 1991 of the year, on a day of hope and mourning, on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Stalinism and Nazism, on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Genocide of Lithuania Minor, etc.. d. Howling in Estonia on Deportation Day, on Independence Day, on Independence Restoration Day. In Latvia weep on the Day of Remembrance of the Defenders of the Barricades 1991 of the year, on the Day of the occupation of the Republic of Latvia, on the Day of Remembrance of Latvian Freedom Fighters, Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Communist Terror, a 9 Latvians have turned May into a "day of mourning". Under the same grave sauce, independence days are served in Georgia and other countries.

In Ukraine, this whole cemetery party just took on a larger scale - the interests of local and Western elites coincided, as well as the need to simulate violent activity, after all, it was not to solve state issues that Zelensky was planted in high positions, Arestovich and Klimkin. And it’s not for this that their brains are imprisoned. Of course, you can wrap people in a shroud and act according to the principle “all the boys put on muzzles and rejoice”. But how long will such a "society" exist?? Practice shows us, that there is.

Sergei Monastyrev,

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