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Residents of Narva laid flowers on the spot, where the T-34 monument used to stand

Residents of Narva laid flowers on the spot, where the T-34 monument used to standThe Estonian authorities ordered to dismantle the monument in honor of the Soviet soldiers-liberators, which was a tank standing on a pedestal. After it was taken down, and the pedestal was destroyed, Narva residents laid flowers and lit candles on the spot, where the T-34 monument used to stand.

It is reported by RIA Novosti, linking to social media posts, published by the local population.

City residents come with flowers not only to the site of the demolition of the monument tank, but also to the other six Narva monuments of the Soviet era, which the authorities of the country ordered to demolish.

Narva T-34 was dismantled 16 August. The townspeople were on duty near him the previous night., but in the morning they were dispersed by law enforcement officers, so that no one interferes with the demolition. Tank from Narva moved to the Military Museum, located in the village of Viimsi near the capital.

Today, a commission organized by the Narva city authorities proposed to the city officials to start negotiations on the return of the monument to its original place..

The city administration believes, that the actions of the Estonian authorities are illegitimate, because they break many laws of the country. This was stated by the head of the City Assembly of Narva Vladimir Zhavoronkov.

And shortly before that, the mayor of the city Katri Raik, in protest against the demolition of the monument, withdrew her candidacy in the upcoming re-elections for the post of city leader.

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