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Germany handed over another batch of ZSU Gepard 1A2 to Ukraine

Germany handed over another batch of ZSU Gepard 1A2 to UkraineUkraine received another batch of Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. As reported by the Ministry of Defense of Germany, Four ZSU were transferred to Kyiv to those already transferred.

To date, Germany has already supplied Ukraine with twelve Gepard SPAAGs out of the fifteen promised., although the Ukrainian media for some reason claim, that Berlin allegedly promised to supply thirty ZSU. Information not confirmed, even the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Reznikov in July announced fifteen cars.

Germany handed over the first eight units in late July and early August in two batches of three and five vehicles.. In addition to the anti-aircraft installations themselves, Kyiv also received from the Germans 49 thousand shells for the guns of this complex and three recovery vehicles.

In Kyiv itself, they confirm the receipt of twelve Gepard anti-aircraft systems, but they don't provide any information.. According to Ukrainian sources, part of the Armed Forces has already been sent closer to the front, in particular in Nikolaev. This information is indirectly confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense, which today reported the first destroyed ZSU Gepard just in this direction.

Initially, the Germans planned to transfer to Kyiv 50 ZSU Gepard 1A2, removed from long-term storage, but everything fell apart after that, as it turned out, that Germany does not have the required amount of ammunition for anti-aircraft guns, and Switzerland, which is a manufacturer of shells, refused to supply them to Ukraine. Later, in July, the Germans found an independent manufacturer in Norway, who agreed to supply the requested number of 35X228 mm shells for 35 mm Oerlikon GDF automatic guns. But the number of anti-aircraft installations planned for transfer to Kyiv has decreased from 50 to 15.

ZSU Gepard 1A2 has a range of up to 5 km, and in height – to 4 km, The radar detects targets at ranges up to 18 km.

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