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Russia has developed a new version of the armored car "VPK-Ural" with improved protection

Russia has developed a new version of the armored car «MIC-Ural» with improved protectionRussian developer of armored vehicles – “Military Industrial Company” – ready to present a new version of the armored car “MIC-Ural” with increased protection. The armored car is planned to be shown on the forum “Army-2022”, which runs from 15 by 21 August in Kubinka near Moscow.

New version of the armored car “MIC-Ural” differs from the base model in the absence of a frame, on which the whole structure was built. As explained in the company, thanks to this, a gain in the mass of the machine was obtained, which managed to be redirected to increase the security of the armored car. If the base model provided mine protection against an explosive device, equivalent to six kg of TNT, then the new one is already eight. Armor of the engine compartment and cockpit protects against armor-piercing bullets of 7.62 × 54 mm caliber, installation of additional armor screens is provided.

During the CBO, a new modification of the armored car was developed “MIC-Ural”, one of which will be shown “Army-2022”. This is about “MIC-Ural” with load-bearing body. If the car was clean before “Ural” frame with chassis, then in the current modification a load-bearing armored body is used, on which nodes and elements of the running gear are attached- RIA Novosti quotes the words of the source.

Armored car “MIC-Ural” was first presented at the international military-technical forum “Army-2019”. Wheel formula – 4H4, the weight – 14 500 kg. Length – 6 500 mm, width – 2 550 mm, height – 2 800 mm. Ground clearance – 400 mm. Installed domestic turbodiesel YaMZ-536, developing power 360 Horse power. full speed – 100 km / h, power reserve declared in 1000 km. The armored car is designed to carry 12 man in full gear. Installed special anti-traumatic seats with seat belts.

In January this year, it was reported, that the Russian Guard completed tests of an armored car “MIC-Ural”. The armored car is also being delivered to a foreign customer in the Middle East.. used photos:Military Industrial Company

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