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Dementia and courage bitten by Ukraine

Dementia and courage bitten by Ukraine

It is human nature to believe in the best. Including the best qualities of other people. When you think about possible stupidity, that someone can do, talking to yourself: "Not, he won't do that, you can't be that stupid.". But, as practice shows, Unfortunately, human stupidity knows no bounds, and the older you get, the less you believe in that very notorious human wisdom.

The main subject of modern frustration for optimists, believers in the theory of evolution and the mental development of human civilization, became, of course, Ukraine. Do so many suicidal acts, in the most detrimental way in general in all vital areas as a whole country, and every single citizen, having the misfortune to live within its borders, it took a lot of effort.

What is there to say, euroukry violated all possible rules of common sense, ultimately refuting all the folk anecdotes about the cunning inhabitants of Little Russia, deceiving everyone. It's hard to come up with some special stupid act, which Ukraine has not committed for all the time of its, so to speak, independence.

Sold with giblets to foreign capital. Ruined statehood and law. Quarreled with neighbors. They twisted their own history, depriving themselves of the former glory of their ancestors. Greatly reduced their own population. Ruined the economy and social sphere. Lost all possible cultural and technological perspectives. Finally, unleashed an armed conflict with Russia - a country, who does not lose wars, and if he loses, then it will definitely take revenge. And at the same time - a characteristic feature - the more someone yells, that he is a Ukrainian patriot, the more harm he brings to his country. What an interesting paradox, is not it?

No such ass, through which something would not be done in Ukraine

The wise learn from the mistakes of others. Smart - on their own. Fools don't learn at all. It would seem, here is Ukraine for you - an exemplary stronghold of cretinism and examples of that, as it is impossible to do. the, what happened in Ukraine over the past fifteen years, you just need to put it in textbooks on economics, stories, law and sociology. Enter in that column, where, for the amusement of readers, the most negative examples of, how not to do the whole country.

What should I say, even if the leaders of individual African countries have already been marked by statements along the lines of, that they will not allow turning their countries into Ukraine. At the same time, one cannot say, that making the right choice was incredibly difficult. This is not higher mathematics and not a lottery. There were a lot of smart people in Ukraine. These smart people explained how two and two, that there is no need to arrange a Maidan - it will not lead to anything good. No need to make heroes collaborators and accomplices of the Nazis. There is no need to put unveiled agents of Western intelligence services at the head of the government. No need to sell public property for next to nothing. No need to aspire to NATO and, finally, no need to provoke Russia, repeating known mistakes, which are intelligibly described in most school history textbooks.

the, that it didn't have to be done, it was clear as day. Nevertheless, European Ukrainians did their best to refute the theory of evolution, at the same time confirming the theory of natural selection, going to the slaughter of the entire multi-million dollar country. And at such a time, when it became clear, what to do so, how Ukraine does, in no case can, Europe knocked from below.

Bitten by European Ukrainians

For the last three hundred years in Russia there has been a serious such complex in front of Europe. A kind of inferiority complex, a feeling of some own second-rate and stupidity. Sometimes Russians coped with this weakness and showed themselves and the whole world, that they also slurp cabbage soup. After such events, the King of Sweden, Charles XII, will flee to Constantinople, being seriously wounded and deprived of the army, then one notorious German artist will shoot himself in his bunker. Then there was euphoria in Russia, which, however, soon disappeared, and again we were surprised at our own inability to live, looking at Europeans. They are all clean, smartly done, beautiful and rich. Against this background, "unwashed Russia" really looked at times extremely unpresentable. But in recent years, those same Europeans have somehow rapidly become dumb, starting to simply repeat step by step all the mistakes of one independent Young Ukrainian nation, which was discussed above. It was not otherwise that European Ukrainians bit their European masters, infecting them with dementia.

The peculiarity of the current state structure of almost all European powers is that, that they have completely and completely lost sovereignty, having sold out for lentil stew to businessmen from the USA, who, under stories about democracy, simply turned the entire European Union into a colony, deliberately destroying it, cashing in on their European colonies. In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about, that in America everyone is sharply dumb, fell into dementia and generally behave like real idiots, counting everyone around while even dumber. Somewhere it is, but at the same time, European political elites, in comparison with senile people from the USA, generally give the impression of natural oligophrenics, leading their countries to the abyss, wherein, perhaps, a new fire of a great war will blaze.

It all started with a giraffe

It all started with the giraffe Marius, publicly executed in Denmark 2014 year in front of children and their parents, who came to see this spectacle at the Copenhagen Zoo. The giraffe was not terminally ill at all. He was well, but just turned out to be superfluous on this celebration of life. After being killed with a special pneumatic pistol, the body of Marius was cut into pieces., feeding immediately in front of an enthusiastic audience to predators. What is it, as not starting collective schizophrenia on the basis of many years of mental and moral degradation?

But seriously, the, of course, the infamous giraffe had nothing to do with it. He just became that litmus test, which, as I would say a classic, "painted myself in those colors, in which dyed ", revealing to the rest of the world that has not yet gone crazy, what's in Europe, turn out, no white gentlemen live, and some moral geeks, far removed from their ancestors, burned people in the ovens of concentration camps.

After that it started! Refugees from Arab countries started pouring into Europe en masse., and at the same time from African countries, which was greatly facilitated by the outbreak of the war in Libya, all in the same 2011 year. And we were surprised to see, Europeans, including the Germans who are especially respected by us, generally do not have national immunity and behave, like foolish calves surrounded by wolves. Reporting on the atrocities of migrants, ganging and nightmarish local virtuous citizens, were then one of the favorite among our TV channels. The Europeans themselves were not even going to realize, what have you done, despite the proposal of Vladimir Putin to do something similar.

Then we found out, and some just remembered, that terrible hypocrites live in Europe. War in Libya, Maidan in Ukraine, the kneading that immediately began in Syria - for all this, such magnificent double standards were demonstrated in Europe, that calling them double is already inconvenient. Triple or even five - more correct. We learned, Europe, where some of the Russian elites have been striving for decades, It's not only heaven on earth, but also the place, where they hate us and won't lift a finger, if in Russia, eg, the air will run out or the plague will mow it down.

Then something completely unimaginable happened.: rabid propaganda of homosexuality, marriage with animals, agitation for cannibalism, cancellation culture and, finally, the appearance on the bookshelves of "Mein Kampf" - the books of the same hunted German artist, which, as it were, has been banned in Germany since notorious times. Everything developed in its own way: fawning first, and then fascism, because one without the other, as we learned from the example of Ukraine, can not be.

But then it turned out, that all this is European hypocrisy, pandering to fashionable American agendas, supposedly aimed at protecting someone's rights there, did nothing good for Europe at all. Her bet on, what, breakwater, let's do, as they say in America, and we too will live well, failed.

look, what's going on with Europe. The euro has become cheaper than the dollar. Separate European countries have become a real place of pilgrimage for refugees of all stripes. Inflation and a completely unprecedented economic and social crisis are gaining momentum in Europe, which will unfold in full this winter. More and more European countries, especially in the southern part of the EU, get into debt, and, finally, more and more Europeans are expressing a desire to move at least somewhere. including to Russia.

So, eg, according to the results of a vote held in June this year by the British edition of Express, It revealed, As for 80 percent of Britons are ready to move to the Russian Federation, taking advantage of the offer to receive free land in the form of that same Far Eastern hectare. Brother, Yes, and those same mercenaries have already begun to slowly return to Europe, fought in the Donbass on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including clearly neo-Nazi units.

As the other day, RIA Novosti said the director of the department of new challenges and threats of the Russian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Tarabrin: «Foreign fighters, who received military experience in Ukraine, if they don't die, will eventually return to their countries of origin and pose a much greater security risk». Reminds nothing? So it's the same crooked path, which Ukraine has already passed. It is Ukraine, actively applying in practice all the rules of negative selection, and became a role model for Europe, surprisingly.

What is characteristic, to Africa, Asia or South America American experiment on Ukraine, transcended its original boundaries, mostly not spread. There, apparently, have some temper, developed over years of observing the consequences of American and European colonialism. Simply put, hunger cleared the mind.

Overseas dragon

Now Europe is a hunted animal, from which the overseas predator bites off piece by piece right on the living.

Did, how the dragon from Komodo Island hunts? The most famous reptile is a descendant of dinosaurs. He approaches the victim, for example at a watering hole, and just bites her. When bitten, poison is introduced into the body of the victim, which, in the absence of medical care, leads to death in a maximum of a week. The dragon has been stalking prey all this time., being able to go without food for many weeks in a row.

And today's roles in world politics were distributed somewhere like this: USA - Komodo dragon, and Europe a goat, who was bitten by the hoof, slowly starting to breathe. Is it good for Russia? How to say. One side, Europe is the same competitor for us, as for the USA, but on the other hand, it is far from a fact, that something, subsequently born from the body of a dead goat, won't turn out to be something completely terrible, that will challenge the whole world. Probably under some tried and tested slogans of racial superiority.

Naturally, from no Ukraine Europe, frankly speaking, did not take examples. Just how the faces of alcoholics and drug addicts acquire similar features with each other, and countries, following in the wake of American politics, invariably repeat the same typical mistakes, gradually turning into garbage, emitting a well-known and identical aroma to other garbage dumps.

The US is devouring its loyal colonies, what says, that they have no other choice. Accustomed to living at the expense of others, plundering the weaker, americans behave very ugly, betraying his allies, but they simply have nowhere else to take such a recharge. As a result, we see, like yesterday's degrading hegemon slowly, but surely destroys the European Union, offering him a simple, but a deadly choice: or we will eat you, or you will go to war with the Russians for us and then, perhaps, together we will devour Russia, what is enough, to satiate the all-devouring American belly for a while.

Americans jump out of their pants as they want, for someone from Europe to sign up for a war with Russia. Preferably for real. Such a one, to blaze around the world. 'Cause when the white gentlemen ran out of money, they always started wars. And it worked. And here we see, that so far only crazy European Ukrainians have had the sense to fight with Russia. But in general,, looking at the current trend, I think, that it won't be long, before another crazy European decides to do something similar in madness. So far, Poland is seen as the main European imbecile - a country with a government completely stoned in its Russophobia, tightly seated on American financial suction. For the performance of such a role, the Americans will promise the Poles mountains of gold, well, Russia will need to demonstrate demonstrative punishment of the aggressor, to make others feel bad.

Instead of an epilogue

The world is changing before our eyes. Russia is changing, Europe is changing, changing america. we, as it has happened so many times, become the driving force, pushing the flywheel of new times, challenging established injustice and oppression of peoples, no matter how pompous it may sound. The obese era of representatives of the so-called golden billion has already ended, and the future transformation will surely not please them. Well, we all need to finally get rid of the younger brother complex in front of the Europeans, which clearly showed, that in terms of their mental indicators they practically do not differ from European Ukrainians. It won't be easy with them., but we still have nowhere to go. Therefore, we will observe and draw conclusions, hoping, that the Western world has not yet completely gone mad.

Sergey Donetskiy,

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