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Kyiv authorities have established a new medal "For the Defense of Ukraine" with a stylized swastika

Kyiv authorities have established a new medal «For the defense of Ukraine» with a stylized swastikaNew medal established in Ukraine, which will be awarded to those who have distinguished themselves in “defense” Ukraine from “Russian aggression”, that's what she's called “For the defense of Ukraine”. The desire of those settled in Kyiv to somehow celebrate those, who defends them commendably, but again the design let us down. The web has already noted, that the design on the front side of the medal resembles the Nazi swastika.

Decree approving the new medal Zelensky signed last Friday, 5 August. The document indicates, that it will be awarded to military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Nacgvardii, police and other security forces, members of other paramilitary and not only formations, as well as civic volunteers, in general all those, Who “defended Ukraine”.

The award is in the form of a double-sided medal., on the back of which is the inscription “For the defense of Ukraine”, and on the front – Ukrainian trident against the background of characteristically crossed swords, forming a stylized swastika. Since the award is intended both for the military, as well as for civilian, The medal will be issued in two versions, differing in color.

For the military and employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military formations and law enforcement agencies - from yellow metal, a ribbon with longitudinal stripes of burgundy and dark green. For civilians - made of white metal, Ribbon with burgundy and gray stripes- says in the decree.

Along with the award, a corresponding A4 diploma is presented., also available in two versions.

On Russian Internet resources, commenting on the design of the new medal, they stated, that in Kyiv they have already stopped hiding their connection with the Nazis, once placed a stylized swastika on the award.

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