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Ranged Devastator: Russian snipers use DXL-5 Havoc rifle during NWO

long-range «Ravager»: Russian snipers use DXL-5 Havoc rifle during NWO Allied snipers in the course of a special military operation use not only sniper rifles that are in service with the army, but also various long-range, allowing to hit the enemy at a considerable distance and conduct counter-sniper combat.

Appeared in 2020 sniper rifle DXL-5 Havoc (Ravager) very actively used by allied forces, weapons show high accuracy. This was told by a representative of the company-developer of the rifle Lobaev Arms. Currently, rifles of NATO caliber 12.7X99 mm are participating in the SVO, but new batches of rifles for the Russian military will go under the Russian parton 12,7X108 mm.

sniper rifle “Ravager” today it is actively used in a special military operation in Ukraine. The weapon shows itself well - the rifle turned out to be very accurate, now every shot is documented, to be counted. While at the front rifles with NATO caliber- RIA Novosti quotes the words of a company representative.

Long-range multi-caliber sniper rifle DXL-5 Havoc (Ravager) was presented in 2020 year. The rifle is made in two calibers - chambered for 12.7x99 mm and 12.7x108 mm and has a modular layout. To use this or that ammunition, it is necessary to change the barrel. The rifle is equipped with a damper, reducing returns, handguard made of solid duralumin element, two Picatinny rails, including the lower one - for attaching bipods. Claimed accuracy of fire – 0,5 MOA. Sighting range – about 2,3 thousand meters, the weight – 13 kg. Reloading manual.

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